FLU is an multi-user interactive installation, where the spectators' mobile devices are used as tactile controllers to interact in realtime with the visualization.

It relies on open web technologies, namely HTML5, Javascript, Node.js, Socket.IO, WebGL and does not need to be connected to the internet.


FLU consists of several pieces of software : controller, server, visualization.

The controller is a small webapp running on the mobile screen, listening for touch events that are sent to the server. It can be saved on the home screen and runs on fullscreen (on iOS).

The server is built with Node.js and Socket.IO, gathering all inputs and getting them to the master visualization.

The visualization is a HTML page that is projected in front of the audience.

All those pieces can be adapted to the event. You could imagine a simple animation, multiplayer games, a animated message board, a collaborative sketchboard, or anything you could dream of.

Click here to try a standalone version of the WebGL particles visualization.
NOTE: you'll need a WebGL enabled browser, like Chrome or Firefox.


Music : "Sleeping in a Coffin" by BlackBlack 

Music : La Pigne Un/Ouverture by Gangpol und Mit 


Second-hand painted wi-fi router

Any computer, running the Node.js server and the visualization

A video projector 

That's it. 



Concept and code by boblemarin 

Additional design by PaperDuck