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.....φ(・∀・*) weltfriedensKUNSTle[h]r nicohaupt
vs. all linguists worldwide : "...humans are only 365+x years old !" (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
incl. //1653.0+ nude (adj.), "naked truth", "she", fact (n.) ; //1654.0 wintergreen (n.) ;
//1656.0+ invisibility (n.), silence (v.) etc.
'nu|chronology' of cosmology, oikoumene, Sacrobosco "de sphaera",
starlight (n.)
plus latest update (03/22/14)
a) "...why ukraine|Fürstentum Wladimir-Susdal is older than egypt,
'('mal')aysia' //1659.0 and russia|RUSSLAND...
...d) already 19 bird types in the bible
vs. alleged 1,600 years delay of "ornithology" etc.

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previously at the '1649'ish'-series :
(((for those who don't take this serious at all, then take it serious as the only ever german 'nu|fluxus experimental weltfriedenskunst', dedicated to homeless animals and kids only)))

Regular readers of this series figured out, that the first 16 centuries didn't make any logical and statistical sense, because of the simple idea of pain and suicide, which was missing from literature
- therefore described *too late* !
Why would it take until //1659.6 - //1665.0, when "René Descartes" picked up these thoughts ("again"), together with his philosophical take on "suicide"?
[etymologists recorded the word "suicide" first in "1650s", "suicidal" is as late as from 1777 ;
it can be traced back to german words "s(w)e" (self) + teuto(german)-litauen|Lithuania dialect kaisti (shave)]
(of course "Aristoteles"|ar-isto, ar- "to fit together", "Thomas von Aquin" and "Cicero"|ḱiker, pea are fabricated 'hypersonalities' by german pseudo-his|torians, working for the first german kingdoms, herzogtuemer or related).
Also there was no "Zuchthaus"|Jail until "Rasphuis" in Amsterdam, [painted in 1662 by "Melchior Fokkens" - bio unknown], which existed between //1659.6 - 1815 ; (o:) "15|96"] ; followed 'quickly' (*after conversion) by Bremen (//1660.9), Lübeck (//1661.3), Hamburg (//1662.2) and Danzig (//1662.9).
Possibly there was no idea of jail [against first freethinkers], because there also wasn't the idea of crime AND krieg|war|война|guerre etc., which had to be yet conditioned via first books and 'falseflagpaintings'. (more at http://checkthis.com/falseflagpaintings and http://tinyURL.com/amazonico)
Interestingly the german word "KRIEG", which turned into guerre ((from german Ger (Wurfspieß)|spear))) and much later into english slang 'war', wasn't even mentioned in one of the first encyclopedias (instead only "kriegsrat" is included in the some edition of another lexicon around 1700 ; which means "council for war".
See "Deutscher Daedalus Begreiffendt ein vollständig außgefuhrtes Poetisch Lexicon und Wörter-Buch" *1660.

More brain popcorn, which will be developed in the new 'a-z of 1649'ish' :
If the "distillation of pitch and tar for sealing vessels" is allegedly an "ancient procedure", why was destillation of booze developed *that late (which logically fits the revised nu|history of "jail" for exsessive drug salesmen and customers ) :
Hieronymus Brunschwig //1651.2 "Das Buch der wahren Kunst zu destillieren", use of the word "alchemy" not before "16**", "bio-chemistry" not recorded by etymologists before 1857.
The upper class incl. royalities and courts had their first earliest dances.
However why did they call it "allemande" , which was still described as some 'new German dance' in 1775 !!?
"google 1649'ish" will cover a quick revised his|tory of the "dance". Allegedly "german volkstanz" is one of the oldest (volk/peoples) dances worldwide, which would illogical mean, that all other dances worldwide were forbidden to dance on the streets or "there was no dancing".
What does this mean for the färöischer Kettentanz, african 'wardances' and the "Polonaise" ?
Furthermore the idea that menagerie, zoo, circus, carnival and magicians started too late, logically proves that the first 16 centuries did not exist.

why was the Elephant so late on a map (of "Ceylon" aka simhala "of lions" aka home) of the Wanniyala-Aetto ?

the nu|A-z of 1649'ish

There are only 2 numbers. 1 and 2. Or as a joke : black and white.
Seriously, 3 - 9 are words, added into the first logarithms for mathematics.
In other words, 3-9 are numerals, 0 and 1 was combined for the first binary system.

"00|00" - "10"00"
1649'ish- spelling for the alleged first 1,000 years of humans.
However most events, whether fabricated, rigged or stretched can be easily squeezed into the first 1000 **days** after 1649'ish, without any contradiction to the ongoing 'events'.

(30)- Dreißigjährige Krieg
Completely fabricated. Ended officially shortly before 1649'ish, which is *here the experimental suggestion for year|1 for all hu|mans.
The idea of the Thirty Years' War (with only a few 'falseflagpaintings' as a reference), functioned as mauer|wall and mindOP for the first conditioned hu|mans, luring them into the idea of krieg|war and frieden(sfight)|peace(fight).

"10|01" - "16"48"
1649'ish- spelling for another period of alleged years *before 1649'ish.
However most events can be easily squeezed into the first 648 days after 1649'ish, without any contradiction to the ongoing 'events'.
Furthermore the 'evented' years "14|90"++ allow an easy conversion into //1649.0++, i.e.
"15|37" is //1653.7.
(((1 was not a 1, but either german word j for jahr|year and i for arab= 6, as seen on old arab maps or oldest german houses)))

Why would a culture call themselves "everyone", if it wasn't one of the first and only cultures ?
More on this 'morethanjustneonazi'-sounding, 'raimuntic evolution-thesis', please check out 'nicoconclusion' re: (...at the beginning of hu|mans maybe was just a huuge...) circle of black Ice|ISlanders vs. gibberish in between of duit-isc aka duutsch aka teuta aka tauto aka theudo aka deutsch aka Teutsche aka neemansky aka normannen aka markOMannen, niederlanden, reisende, wenden|venetia, frankenREICH, prussians, [angle]saxons/->anglia aka deutschland aka deutschesREICH aka germany etc... Or is it nowadays completely run by SIEMENS/GAZPROM ?

Artificial word, created for an artificial continent. There was no "afrika".
Belonging to the '^unknownBLAK', it was first called Libien|Libya (from old german word lubojan = to love) or Ethiopia/Eritrea (Aksum; from oldWord chain ngś ngśt = King of Kings ; nigūśa nagaśt nigūse negest).
Also 'blak-semitic-nigūśa' Syria' is older than [french] Egypt, first occupied by german Ottonen (hiding behind Ottomans aka TURKEY].
Together with Aleppo (Syria), germans invented the first Jakobsstab aka Gradstock aka Kreuzstab, later also known as Sextant or Astrolabium.
(((see my last two books at http://tinyURL.com/amazonico)))
The word "asian" wasn't used as an adjective until 1690s.
One more hint that this was one of the first artificial "continents", created by the first [pre-EUROZONE] shipping companies, which had been the following :
[Please notice a late establishment (with or without conversion data) ]
"Kurbrandenburgische Marine" *o: 1657 [first painted in 1684 by "Lieve Pietersz. Verschuier" //1662.7–//1668.6]; Britische Ostindien-Kompanie*//1660.0 ; Vereenigde Geoctroyeerde Oostindische Compagnie *//1660.2 aka VOC or oddly : Kompanie (Compagnie|company) ; the abbreviation co. dates as late as 1670s) ; Französische Ostindienkompanie *o: 1664
...too late for paintings, "ancient thinkers and mathematicans" and|OR alleged evolution of alleged first 16 centuries : the jakobsstab|sixtant ; //1653.2 ; o: "15|32"...
Because of *what* ?
Whether you "believe" in determination or post-Orwellianized concepts {[trumanized] predetermination ; hyperprofiling, "erbgemeinschaft" -> or something else}, the idea of "something as by cause" comes from the old german high words thiu hwīla sō or thiu wīla sō.
'whīla' did it take until Immanuel Kant (1724 - 1804), to "re"study the "sinn des lebens"|meaning of life ?
There was no "ancient and medieval times". It's hogwash. The first 16 centuries did not exist.
Bier, bior
Let it be the very first beer worldwide, either 1649'ish, 1649 (without glas) or //1664.9.
Beer, Bischofshof [*//1656.0] and the significance of "Regensburg" :
The Immerwährende Reichstag took place there 1663 - 1806 ; linked to the german establishment of "Deutscher Orden" (*~ 190th day after 1649'ish) , "KatholischeKirche", "Heiliges Römisches|'Raimuntisches' Reich Deutscher Nation" etc.
More on this in the next book "google 1649'ish" -
(why sex and liebe zum elefanten started //here.0 ; 'current working title')]]
//1656.8 or o: "15|68" ? ; both *too late for alleged first 16 centuries
Beer Brewery Process, *first 'falseflagpainted' illustration by "Jost Amman" (//1653.9-//1659.1)
Black Circle of Icelanders
see 'niconclusion'

Why would the idea of coopting colors, with the help of a "flower guild", start as late as //1664.4 ?
Not if this "Order" is actually linked to ((the revised)) his|tory of book printing, *1650 plus the so called "Pegnesischer Blumenorden", controlling all first writers, authors and publishers worldwide.
See also "Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft" aka "Palmenorden" *//1661.7 in Weimar.
A coconut tree dedicated to the first business conspiracy worldwide ? : a "writers guild|Gilde".
Forget Columbus [//1649.2]. If he was around, he was 'blak'. German his|torians falsified the *real his|tory of "America". What about the real history of honduras, long island, staten island or the bronx ?
'google 1649'ish' will not only prove that the first 16 centuries did not exist, but germans were the first and onliest colonialists all along, who also occupied skadinavia aka scandinavia, created DANE|MARK, the NORTHERN WAY Norway, Fin|LAND aka FIN|MARCHia (fimfe, from Old Frisian and Old Saxon slang fif, Old High German funf= 5) and with the help of the first "swedish merchants" the BRONX and RUSSIA.
Please check out my chapter "Kiev 'Rus vs. Kingdom of Moscow vs. Nemezkaja sloboda aka Немецкая слобода „Deutsche Vorstadt“.
The BRONX was officially created by german-[dutch]swedish Jonas Jonasson Bronck, around //1663.9 ; "sweden" means actually (our) geswion "kinsman"|Geschwister.
Die "Deutsche Vorstadt" (above "unknown painter") as influential role model for National|ism?
"deutsch-hanseatische Kaufleute" had the status of "Gäste“|гости|guests.
A language thinktank around "granica" -> grenze/'Border|ism', RASS|ismus (~ rasen) created the first 4 'artificial countries' as in :
1) Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Provinciën orVerenigde Nederlanden) aka Generalstaaten aka Netherlands *//1658.1 => 1683 Staaten Eylandt („Ständeinsel“) (today part of New York) ; Conference House 1680 , Voorlezer's House 1695
2) Dreizehn Alte Orte aka Alte Eidgenossenschaft aka Waldstätte * //1651.3 - 1798 aka Switzerland|Schweiz [[first illustrated //1664.5]]
3) "Markierung" (artificial|kuenstliches Borderland 001)
plausible thinktank around the words (and first regions) mørk, merkur, Mark, tal aka Zahl|number, Markenzahl, Gemarkungszahl, podlesia, Podlessny (//1653.2), [east]POLE, grenzMARK, szlachta (polish for nobilty, related to german words slahta/schlacht = battle), MarkGRAF|margrave| march
-->> Königreich Polen|Kingdom of Poland ->>Duchy of Lithunia/Poland (later turning into Poland)
((see also Markatal , worldwide's first measurement (-falseflag 'reform') on the Färöer Islands)).
4) Siebenbürgen aka Transsilvanien aka Ardeal aka Gebiet jenseits der Wälder|Obszar poza lesie|Площадь за лесом|area beyond the forest ; today known as România
If "Karl"|Charles is one of the oldest names (from the alleged "ancient times"), why did it take at least 15-16 centuries, until some female version was introduced ?
Adjective "caroline" became popular "as late as 1650s".
nu|chronology, 1649'ish :
1649'ish plus x :
Karl turns into one of the oldest words and names, the 'english dialect' turns it into "Charles" .
Karl aka karal means "Mann“, "Ehemann“ and „der Freie“|man, husband, the Free.
Compare with "Otto" ("wealth, riches"), which inspired both Ottonen and Ottomannen (today Turkey).
800 - 888th day after 1649'ish :
In "Frankenreich", earliest germans come up with this king and royalism idea and name them "Karolinger"|Carolingian.
The idea of 'metrosexual wrestling' is born, originally for 'controlling the woods'.

//1656.4 :
One of the first "North American Colonies" is named "Caroline".
//1657.7 :
Constitutio Criminalis Carolina (CCC) or Carolina is published in Frankfurt, Germany , then getting 'predated'. Officially worldwide's first "criminal code", this comes logically 'too late' for alleged first 16 centuries, however it's officially labelled as "erstes allgemeines deutsches Strafgesetzbuch".
It's allegedly based on "Bambergensis" (//1650.7) and ignores the "Sachsenspiegel" ('predated' for possibly 300th day after 1649'ish, which is close to *this conversion date as well).
1663 :
"Caroline" is renamed "Province of Carolina".
Oddly in the Raleigh area, slang word "pickpocket" will eventually turn into "hooker".

Illogical symmetrics and other oddities show that it didn't take 100s of years, to build the first
Though the list of Burgen and Schlössern|castles and palaces appears to be very long, it's completely realistic, that most of them could have been built within a few years and decades.
"google 1649'ish" has revised this list. None of these castles was built in the first 16 centuries.
Most of the biography is rigged, including of their architects.
As a matter of fact, architecture in itself started late.
Mostly responsible for the first burgen and schloesser (both often mistranslated into "castles") was the influential Thurn und Taxis-family, originally named after the animal "Dachs"|badger ->Dax, Daxen.
"Alexandrine von Taxis" was falseflagpainted around //1664.6

It was very easy, to establish some advantage, when the first merchants started to work for the first king|doms, who controlled the shipbuilding.
The material was provided with the cedar tree, which was only available in the eastern region of turkey, lebanon and syria (Jabal al-Ladhiqiyah). This is how logically "trade"|HANDEL started.
gildi means "Genossenschaft“, "Trinkgelage“|"cooperative", "drinking".
In Germany the most influential "gilden" or "zuenften" were located in Augsburg and Nürnberg|Nuremberg.
The Hansegilde (//1649.7), with strong impact on cloth- and bernstein|amber trade, must have been based on an early artificial city-aliance aka "Wendische Städtebund" between Lübeck, Kiel, Wismar, Rostock and Stralsund.
(((See also "Hansa". There was no "medieval times". The idea of Hanse is a direct side product of the earliest king|doms. In 1669, Lübeck, Hamburg, Bremen, Danzig, Rostock, Braunschweig, Hildesheim, Osnabrück and Köln attended the last public Hansa-Day, der "letzte Hansetag in Lübeck")))

The word "city" was wrongly mistranslated from "any settlement", though it should have originated from the german word "Stadt/Statt", which is the more logical word for "city".
The idea was to lure someone into a resident, to introduce the idea of taxing and banking, "AN STATT"|instead of allow them to continue travelling (nomading etc.).
Cities with city walls obviously got created, to condition the people into the idea of a forthcoming "State" and "Nation" : stat means "Standort, Stelle“|location, location, pseudo-"protected" by a wall|Mauer.
The list of the oldest cities of germany is rigged. They all started to exist at the same time, when also "mapping" became advanced, around the 1650s++, then occasionally also 'pre-dated'.
Both 'falseflagpainter' and 'cartographs' promoted the first cities, to get the idea of "war" rolling.
Some city names probably received specific (PR-) code names :
i.e. Köln (colonization PR ; the construction of the Cologne Cathedral possibly started around //1653.0), Koblenz ("to flow together"), Konstanz (to promote the idea of a "council").
A revised list of alleged "ancient cities" resets the beginning of Trier to //1651.2 (first illustrated by 'falseflagpainter' Matthäus Merian //1664.6 [o: "16|46"] and 1675 (alleged ending of war with 'frankenREICH') ; the his|tory of Neuss (first 'falseflag-illustrated' by Frans Hogenberg in //1658.5) is manipulated since 1839 and a first wave of 'excavationSCAM' ; Worms must have started around //1655.0, //1657.6, o: 1655, when it was first illustrated by "Sebastian Münster", "Braun/Hogenberg" and "Matthäus Merian dem Jüngeren" ; Augsburg established around //1654.0, the beginning of their stock exchange.
((see also ^^Map|O|logy^^ ; http://pinterest.com/ewing2001/map-o-logy/

Coat of Arms
Please check out my latest chapter about coat of arms|WAPPEN including the absurd absence of elephants on coat of arms in the first 16 centuries, especially in african [kingdom] states.
Excerpt :
'...City of Oxford //1656.6 ; Worshipful Company of Cutlers (//1662.2) ; in 1693 the "Order of the Elephant" (Danish: Elefantordenen) is established as the highest order of Denmark ; in 1870 the animal was coat-granted to Rana Pratabsinhjiat for Santh, a former princely state of indian gujarat; african "Liberia" didn't have an elephant on their coat of arms but put it on stamps in 1892 ; Cote d`Ivoire (drafted 2007) ; Swaziland has an elephant on their coat of arms which represents the Queen-mother, but this is not happening in first 16 centuries either…"

If the original definition of "company" was "business association", why would you name such form after the word "company", if it's not the first worldwide ?
In this case this would have been "Vereenigde Geoctroyeerde Oostindische Compagnie aka VOC or Kompanie. Interestingly that would have been as late as *//1660.2
It's obviously linked to a "company of merchants", however they have been allegedly already around since "medieval and ancient times".
Better conclude that all oceanic companies started at the same time, linked to those who built bigger ships first - and the "Hanseatic League".
The first 16 centuries did not exist.
//1664.6 or o: "16|46 ? In both cases, not enough people lived in a city which started allegedly in the so called "ancient times". Or how many houses can you count in this earliest Illustration from Trier ? And why was it illustrated that late anyway ?
"1649'ish" will also include other significant keywords, as in

- the revised his|tory of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, occasionally merging with the Kingdom of Poland, to create the first mindOPs for "borderlands"
- the missing Dances in the alleged first 16 centuries !
- how the "Deutscher Orden" turned quickly into the catholic church and an overexaggerated "heiliges roemisches reich deutscher Nation" (it's in the german title ; 962th day after 1649'ish – 1806)
((see also "Teutonic Order" vs. "Livonian Order", around //1652.5 ; "Brüder der Ritterschaft Christi von Livland", prequel of "Deutscher Orden" aka "Deutschherren- or Deutschritterorden"))

- elefant, olyfaunt or ev a'ngel'i fant?
Why was the elephant so extremely missing from paintings of the first 16 centuries ?
Why do bible researchers state, the word elephant wasn't even mentioned in the very first bible translation, instead there's only a vague reference to "Ivory" ? And what about the missing "tusk"|Stosszahn, if the elephant allegedly came from the mammoth|Mammut ?
And if the bible was written *before european's first experience with elephants, is this a hint, that it was written by Europeans ?
More eerily, "Rembrandt" has Adam and Eve included, when *he illustrated an elephant, but this was as late as //1663.8.
Is this a hint that the bible was *just out (released between 1650 and 1660s)?
"...maybe this is making more sense, once the converted data matches perfectly with the very first fascination of humans with elephants. Skip "Schongauers Elefant" and the stories of rare presents of elephants to european Kings ("Hanno" ; possibly made up between //1651.0 - //1651.6 ; Süleyman //1654.0 - //1655.3 ) in the alleged "medieval times".
Here is instead the revised tour of "Hansken"'s Germany Tour, officially born in o: "16|30" on Ceylon (here we go again) :
//1663.8 in Hamburg, //1664.0 in Bremen, //1664.1 in Rotterdam, //1664.6 and //1664.7 in Frankfurt and 1650 in Lüneburg.
What was the 1660's obsession or compulsion with the elephant about ?
This makes only sense if the first 16 centuries did not exist..."
Why would an elephant impress an illustration with adam and eve, if this animal is allegedly known since "ancient rome" ?
- why the first 'metrosexual wrestlings' started '...in der naehe des waldes.." (forest)
- female weavers created the word "freunde"|friends.
"Gropers" and "Crossers" was the very first false opposition.
- the meaning of 'falsefire' and how it was used to promote the first cities

- the word "border" did not exist in the literature of the first 16 centuries.
As a matter of fact it comes from the polish dialect "granica" (GRENZE, german translation).
Why this was important for the artificial his|tory of the scottish "March" and first landmarks in Germany, more at "google 1649'ish'
- "...for Venice and gondoliera fetishists. Even the "Società di Muto Soccorso" was created as late as 1868.."
- geswion "...there is no 'Sweden'. These are our sisters and brothers, it comes from the german word "geschwister", siblings or "
"Altes Fachwerkhaus, Meiningen" - "15|96" or j 596 ? Better think //1659.6
1654 ; First Official Coat of Arms for Printing Industry
- the missing handbag : "....you want to ridicule this too ?
Then consider the fact that his|torians state, that there was no handbag for wo|men in the first 16 centuries. Allegedly they were hiding some pockets under their long skirts during alleged "medieval times".
However all for sudden, there was the Pompadour, Réticule, Ridicule, Ridikül or Handgelenksbeutel.
Is anyone believing this hogwash ?
More likely the first handbag started with the idea of a purse, influenced by the first "bursa"|purse (stock exchange in the 1650s), since also the word hand-bag is first attested from 1854.
The original definition of a bursa was "sum of money collected as a prize in a race, etc.," first recorded in the "1640s". Make that 1649'ish too.
The first 16 centuries did not exist.
,"Der Beutler", //1656.8 - Réticule, Ridicule or Ridikül ?

I just lost a whole bunch of chapters on the so called "italian falseflagpainters", on my wiped or erased hard drive.
However the chapter will be re-established including the reference to a complete controlled "art scene" since 1649'ish. As a matter of fact, "artists" are in the same warCriminal league, as the alleged crimes, they illustrate. It was organized as early as possible, from at least 21 falseOppositions in Guilds from Florence i.e. arti maggiori, arti mediane and arti minori, with strong ties to the "dutch" Guild of Saint Luke, with branches in Antwerp and Bruges, see also
"Haarlem Guild of St. Luke"

I or "I" will also establish, that the idea of Italy|I TALien [ich-zahl[en]] was established by germans, additionally "venetia" is clearly coming from the german family tribe "WENDEN".
More on this at "I" or why ROME comes *clearly from the german word "RaiMUNT" ; munt/mund, trans|lated as "mouth", means "security".
There was no "ancient Rome", it's more logically a quick occupation during the 1650s++ from Raimunts, Walachei and Moldau-Ladinier (which turns into the fabricated myth of latium/latin/Latinus).
("...Sie noi sentem Rumeni“ („auch wir sind Rumänen|we're romanians, too...), old saying and quote from Martinus Szent-Ivany, Siebenbuergen|Transylvania in 1699 !
Some chapter at "L" will show, why and how latin language was artificially created after the 1650s, why also a missing "compulsory school attendance" during alleged medieval times is backing this up.
"S" will show that the oldest german schools started as 'lateinschulen", but why was this *after the first 16 centuries ?

J will update after "doomsday" on "Johanniter-Orden" plus Jakob for John und die Elefanten-Jakobs-Leiter. Jesus was black. Jesuits was falseOpposition from Germans.
The next falseOpposition was "reformism", including luring only 25,000 people into America during 1708 and called this Immigrationspolitik lol ..."

- KoenigREICH tum - Sprache VER RAET who invented the idea how to become "rich" ;
- Why it doesn't make any logical sense, that painters waited at least 1600 years, until they used the color "Kasslerbraun", which is boldly said, some pulled out of the ass- claim ;
- K for Kiev (Ukraine) and the real story of Russia, linked to Germans.
Did the city name come from Кий- or кий (slawic dialect: kyjь (“pole, hammer) ?
Why would someone name a city - let's say during some '654th settlement' - after "a settlement palisaded", if this was not the *very first one 'poled'* ?
- "...are you surprised that hu|mans had no piano (klavier) until 1690, thanks to Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655 - 1731) from Padua ?
Not me. Notations and Mathematics is the same class.
The first 16 centuries did not exist...."
- L stands for the inconsistent history of a "Leumund" (Reputation) and how this fits into the missing resumes from schools and universities, which therefore couldn't logically have existed in the first 16 centuries.
One needed a Leumund, especially to become a citi-zen.
Historians grasped on this 'gapeee' with some occasional "medieval cloister-letters".
A fruitloop argument ? Not really...
More on latin fake language, earliest lexicons without "war" and "border", lehnsherren or slaven-master ? lirum, larum, loeffelstiel etc...
The beginning of "Arithmatic", //1650.8 ? ;
from old german word "rim" (number) ; matches also with John Wallis (Arithmetica Infinitorum, o: 1656, possibly also tied to "Michael Stifel's" Arithmetica integra, //1655.4 ;
"Regiomontanus", "Alhazen", "Heron", "Euklid" etc. instead are fabrications and symbolized personalities, 'predated' by unknown thinktankers.
- includes the exact definition of why "metrosexual wrestling (games)" incl. "the thing|Ding" is tied to first bank systems and banksterism (*1656 Stockholm, *1694 London etc.).
- More also on the german MARK-O-MANNEN, and why Germans must have visited and "Marked" the Mayas first (not Maya but MAJOR), actually more families around chi’ , ch’e’en , itzá and others, then slowly influenced by the first MEIERn and MAURERn , which turned into the first (police) officers, farm owners ("Nachbarn") and wall builders (Mehre, Meyer, Maier, Mäher, Mäger, Major, Meiur, Mayer, Mayr).
- from Mark to Mørk and "Markatal". How banksterism, city planning and warFakery is linked to the earliest measurements, hidden and first tested on faroer islands.

Nemez-Kaja and why GERmans *always had been told to shut (the f*k) up. They were called the "nem", which means "mute it". It's spelled men backwards, which must be a "coincidence" ; [end of peaceful sarcasm]

Why the Ottonen used Ottomannen ('Os-Man ic' ; today TURKEY) as a front.

P- Z
- Port-u-gal/carry a girl, Podlesia/near the poles and les las "forest", eastPOLE, Po-LAND.
- a pre-german polabic chain of words : clawak brot dôn roiboi - > man brother day fish
(==> slavia, slave, bread, donnerstag|thursday, robot etc...)
- "...Adlige|nobility means in polish language szlachcice, which turned into the english word/dialect battle|Schlacht. Another reference : sz = sch, ci = tchi, c = z at the ending of someone's last name shows how nobility started artificially with gratified name manipulations. One of the first artificial "Adelsrepublik"(aristocratic republic) was "Kingdom of Bohemia", "Markgrafschaft Mähren" and Polen-Litauen aka Rzeczpospolita|gemeinsame Sache [possibly around //1656.9], obviously to promote the word "mark"; furthermore both german word and idea of a "Wappengemeinschaft" (~ Coat Community) was started in the earliest region of Poland. The Polish word for WAPPEN|Coat of Arms, "Herb" means heritage. Then slowly the word wappen turned into "weapon" (compare : wæpnan, wafen, wepin) which is not a big stretch at all and was the beginning for the "noble" profession of a city/castle-owned 'falseflagpainter' in the 1650s, 'painting' alleged "bewaffnete Kriege" and weapons from the alleged medieval and ancient past. This is how century|fakery began quickly..."

"...Language fits it altogether. An old map of prussia reveals that the original king|dom "Grand Duchy of Lithuania" still was not included and this outer region titled as some empty "forest" (Podlasia)
"Ruotsi" is the finnish name for Sweden ; the german words rus(s), ERZ|ore and swart, blakaz "burned" -> turned into the english word "black" - so why is "Sweden" linked to the history of Russia as well? ..."

"Google 1649'ish" will furthermore show that all Nordic wars in the 1650++ were made- and constantly mixed up!
Instead of 2-3 Nordic Wars, international his|torians are still confused about 6-7.
The german word RaiMUND turned into ROM because there was no early war between Italy and Germany ; an llogically missing "zahnheilkunde"|dentistry was moved by corrupted his|torians to the barber branch, though even the expression "barber's music" ("wretched, poorly performed music") is only attested in literature as old as 1660. Maybe dummies should finally conclude that there was no printing industry before 1650 anyway and all history made up and artificially extended ('predated') until that point.
Why also did historians decide to call a missing water distribution technology, "wasserkunst" in the alleged "medieval times" ?
A revised chronology with links to german and austrian scientists will show, that the idea of first 16 centuries with big cities but no water don't make any logical sense.
And why did almost no nation or kingdom used the seepferdchen|sea horse on their flag, which even triple-contradicts some missing classification ("hippocampus" plus 10-12 other names) until 1700++ ?
Merville-Franceville-Plage aka Franceville "did it".
Though it is the slowest moving fish, with a top speed of about 5 feet (150 cm) per hour, and the only animal where the male carries the eggs, this and other tidbits of (in)hu|man his|tory will show, that the first 16 centuries couldn't have existed and hu|mans still have a slower brain than those of the hippocampus.

"Google 1649'ish" will also include the *ultimate nu|chronology on sex" and how metrosexuality tried to merge and (re)invent homosexuality during 1800s ; plus the falseflag murder thesis of Judy Garland on
June 22th, 1969, directly linked to "Stonewall" (June 28th, 1969), only one week later.
"Google 1649'ish (...or why sex, elefantenliebe and the nurse started //then.0 ...)

"...do you get this 'Oldword' of chain ? :
liob|dear ; lubo|joy; "make love" //1657.0+ ("pay amorous attention to") ; "Love affair" //1659.0+, "playing for love, -> "for nothing" 1670s, lovey (affectionate pet name) 1731..."
//1651.3 - Did all Women [midwifes] really wait 16 centuries, until to figure how to become safely pregnant and earn a living as a nurse ?
"google 1649'ish" (on doomsday), if you still believe that the first 16 centuries did exist and crowded by humans.
There was no ancient times, no medieval times, no dinosaurs and no nuclear bomb.
Doomsday is a marketing hoax, so is everything else of the lying fearmonger [anxietyOP] media.
It's time for some extreme paradigm restart button.
Women are more intelligent than 'man', but latter is still trying to understand what that means.
They went to war over shoes.
The experiment "hu|man" is over. Figure it out and stay on the latest... 2013 can do better.

"Der Swangern frawen vnd hebamme(n) roszgarte(n)" - from "Eucharius Rößlin" [small rose , o: "15|13"]
ps: The inconsistency of the alleged his|tory of the "post[al service]".
Deceived his|torians keep continue assuring us, that "war" was logistically possible during the first alleged 16 centuries without *any communication principle , including the [DEUTSCHE] POST.

1649'ish -nu|chronology on *that one :
Niederländischer Postkurs
'predated' into alleged "medieval times" ; this earliest postal system had only a few routes.
Innsbruck had an association with the Netherlands and Italy.
Of course histo|morons still believe in the "ancient pigeon post, inca messenger with quipu" or that butchers allegedly jumped in for the exhausted foot messengers and the horse (without enough horseshoes ;-)
Mechelen and Brussels added as endpoints, after //1651.6 reduced to Brussels
Generalpostmeister "Franz von Taxis" supervises a new Postal Service.
Coming from the influential von Taxis family, they will become furthermore responsible for establishing towers and castles
First Proof of mailing, in which the fee was paid by the sender with a receipt of acceptance post office
First postkutsche|stagecoach line between London and Chester
Hamburg and Luebeck adding a regular postal service
First private postal coach business between Dusseldorf and Wesel, organized by the Maurenbrecher - family (1668: Dusseldorf - Cologne)
Nuremberg and Leipzig adding their regular postal service
Neue Post-Ordnung incl. a new Postal Act
...which "hook" do you prefer ? 'small', big, sandy, sally or silly or the *ultimate con-spirit-carry away secretly's* (1690s) ?
Newtown, originally known as Quanneapague, was incorporated in 1711, the latest batman movie produced in 2011. Newtown is linked to the his|tory of the so called "Revolutionairy War", once falseflagpainted by John Trumbull (1756–1843), officially appointed second personal aide to General George Washington. Trumbull was awarded for his "work" as becoming president of the American Academy of the Fine Arts, from 1816 to 1825. Once falseflag, always falseflag.
December 18, 2012

"...By grim coincidence, even as the terrible events were unfolding in Newtown on Friday morning, the Putnam County Emergency Response Team (“ERT”) happened to be assembled for regular training in Carmel, and team members were at that very moment engaged in a mock scenario of an active-shooter in a school..."
first sword 1650, followed by "Messermacher"-privilege, Messermacherzunft //1657.1 for Solingen ;
first book about the "Schwertfeger"/Schleifer|grinder in 1698
"Me Fecit Solingen"|Solingen machte mich|Solingen made ​​me
Where are the receipts of alleged 1,600 years of swords for everyone else's war worldwide ??
//1656.8 : Spinners and Weavers - the first worldwide professions are all linked to guilds ;
"Eygentliche Beschreibung aller Stände auff Erden, hoher und nidriger, geistlicher und weltlicher, aller Künsten, Handwercken und Händeln ..." by Jost Amman and Hans Sachs ; ((artes mechanicae))
female professions :
Sieben (7) Freie Künste incl. grammar, rhetoric, dialectic or logic, arithmetic/number theory, geometry, music/music theory and astronomy ;
by (fictionalized ) Mrs. Herrad von Landsberg , (possibly around 180th day after 1649'ish) ;
((artes liberales))
//1659.6 [map excerpt above] - *not a "pospolita" (common) "rzecz" (thing) ;-
Hiding behind the 'latinized' name "polonia" for poland [next to "germania"], this first world map from flamish "de Hondt" aka "Hondius" (o: "15|96" ; "Christian Knight Map") includes some extreme odd his|torical "mistake" :
This region should have been clearly titled Polen-Litauen [//1656.9 - 1795 ; Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth ; dutch : Polen-Litouwen] or at least "Magnus Dux Lithuaniae" ; instead it ignores the so called "Lubliner Union" with the result of "Rzeczpospolita" (o: "15|69" => //1656.9), which was officially 27 years earlier [[even after my '//conv.ersion' still 3 years behind]] !!!

o: 1694
"Peter Schenk der Ältere" (1660 -1711), "Kartograf", officially "obtains the printing plates from Johannes Janssonius" and starts rigging his|tory from the alleged past, mapped and 'falseflagpainted' by "Gerhard Mercator" aka Gerard De Kremer (//1651.2 - //1659.4 ; ties with mathematician "Edward Wright" //1656.1 - //1661.5 and globe maker "Emery Molyneux", around //1659.8, "little is known about the man himself"), "Hendrik Hondius der Jüngere", "Jodocus Hondius" and family.
See also Atlas Blaeu aka Atlas Maior, published by "Joan Blaeu" o:1662 - 1665 ('predated work' from "his medieval father") plus ^^Map|O|logy^^ @ http://pinterest.com/ewing2001/map-o-logy/
Why are *both words "Krieg'|WAR and Grenze (from pol. granica|BORDER) *still missing" in one of the earliest encyclopedias, "Reales Staats- und Zeitungs-Lexicon 1704" ??
[[Johann Friedrich Gleditsch, Leipzig ; here screenshot from the 3rd edition ;
mentioning only "Krieges-Commissarius" = ~ "war commissary
There was no (googling) war in the first 16 centuries - the first 16 centuries did not exist !
...too late of making *any sense :
"Elephantographia Curiosa", 1715 by german Georg Christoph Petri von Hartenfels (1649'ish - 1718) ; first edition of the worldwide first comprehensive monograph on the elephant
1665 years waiting until worldwide's first scientific journal ??

"Le Journal des Savants", Paris was the first scientific newspaper, followed in the same year by "Philosophical Transactions" , London (published by Royal Society *1660)
nu|chronology, backwards :
Newsweek ends its print run with a hashtagged cover
"Pegnesischer Blumenorden", first german society for writing and language is established
Licensing Order
in Anglia/England (instituted pre-publication censorship)
The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards, one of the earliest Livery Companies of the City of London is incorporated by Royal Charter at around //1662.8 [o: "16|28"]
Palmstruchska banken, Sweden (*1656) is worldwide first releasing printed papiergeld|paper money
"Das Ständebuch" by Jost Amman and Hans Sachs is released, promoting and illustrating dozens of first (german) professions, most of them to be established in new "cities" and|OR for royalists incl. Barber's Shop, Pharmacist|Apotheker, Bather, Baker, Farmer|Bauer, BeerBrewer, Beckenschläger, Briefmaler (responsible for drawing documents, coat of arms and playing cards), bookbinders, fisherman, violinist, glazier, bell foundry, butcher, sporer ("Gebissmacher"|denture maker for horses), clocksmith etc.
the first english printing guild "Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers" (dt. „Ehrenvolle Gesellschaft der Papiermacher und Zeitungsverleger“ is receiving its Royal Charter (possibly established around 403rd day after 1649'ish).
"Nathan ben Moses Hannover" is releasing the first book about judaism and (anti)semitism in Venice, called Jawen Mezulah (Yeven Mezulah), released in hebraic [ebher].
(//1652.8 - //1659.0)
"Sigmund Feyerabend" starts to promote the idea of "das Buch|the book", as one of the first huge german printing publishers, including work of 'profession-promoter' "Jost Amman".
Possible Release of the ["Luther]bible", partly by "Philipp Melanchthon" aka "Philipp Schwartzerdt", both 'falseflagpainted' by " Lucas Cranach the older".
"Giovanni Riccioli" published the first printed map of the moon.
"Die Einkommenden Zeitungen", Leipzig is released as first newspaper in the world.
"The Apocalypse
" is released by "Albrecht Dürer", published by Anton Koberger aka Koburger, Coberger, Coburger (also responsible for 'predated' "Hartmann Schedels Weltchronik".
Furthermore Flugblätter|leaflets (single sheets), and pamphlets were distributed which contained further news, gossip, household tips, horoscopes, etc. The writings were often read aloud, for those who didn't know what "reading" is. Additionally the idea of "colportage" was introduced ; the distribution of religious tracts and smaller booklets by carriers and peddlers called "colporteurs".
There possibly wasn't much printing his|tory before; only ~250 first printing machines were available.
"Gutenberg" was a fabrication -the first 16 centuries did not exist.
Is '"Webster-Firefighter"-xmas falseflag' mocking 1649'ish Poland-Heritage Research ?

//1656.9 : FIRST Szlachta ever, 'falseflagpainted' - by UNKNOWN AUTHOR vs. Polish firefighter slaughtered on Christmas Eve 2012 - by unknown photographer
[[[who did this photo (or photoshopped it) and where are the other 7 burned down houses ??]]]

Polish tabloid papers report in the U.S. this week, that alleged "homegrown terrorist" William Spengler ("Willahelm" ; "will" + helma "helmet" "plumber" ; spangler is old german for Klempner|plumber) killed accidentally 19-year old pro-polish patriot Tomasz Kaczowka ("Options of a Cat"), instead of just sending out an anti-american government message against *american patriots*.

Al Sienkiewicz [ = cz means nobility in ending of last name ; last name means "practice of a sea-man|SIMON] , a former commander and now spokesman for West Webster Fire Department, told media that Kaczowka was a Fellow Polish Heritage Society of Rochester, and volunteered on this day.
"He did not have to be there" - said Sienkiewicz.

The bizarre polish connection appears to mock one of the main themes of my 4th book, which extracts had been released *before the shootings in Webster (name refers to Daniel Webster [1782—1852], who negotiated the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, which established the definitive eastern border between the United States and Canada and implies a bizarre historical reference ; mocking artificial border themes of the past :
the word "border" did not exist in the literature of the first 16 centuries !
It comes from the polish dialect "granica" [german : GRENZE])

The szlachta (Lithuanian: šlėkta, šlėktos or bajorai ) was the first legally privileged noble class with origins in the Kingdom of Poland. With personal unions between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland, the existing Lithuanian nobility formally joined this class.
As the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (//1656.9–1795) evolved, its membership grew to include leaders of Ducal Prussia and Ruthenian lands.
The word "Ruthenia" is an artificial Latin rendering of the name "Rus", which eventually will turn into Kievan Rus aka Kyivan Rus (today part of Ukraine) ; the word "szlachta"|schlacht will eventually mistranslate into english word "battle"|schlacht.
more on this at "google 1649'ish".

(((Webster furthermore references "Webster's Dictionary" , one of the very first language dictionaries, "An American Dictionary of the English Language", *1828)))
A logical nu|chronology with emphasis on netherlands/"manhattan" -> backwards :
[instead of an alleged 100 year delay/gapeeee' of dutch hopping from 'manhattan to staten island']

Staaten Eylandt („Ständeinsel“) is officially established
The "Conference House" [photo above] is built on an island which will eventually turn into Staten Island, still belonging to "Kolonie Neu-Amsterdam", associated with the Generalstaaten aka Verenigde Nederlanden aka Netherlands.
Worshipful Company of Poulters|Geflügelhändler receives Royal Charter in England.
'Falseflagpainter' Johannes Vingboons shows Nieuw Amsterdam, which eventually will turn into Manhattan.
Worshipful Company of Cooks receives Royal Charter in England.
//1662.4 - //1666.4
Nieuw Amsterdam (German: Neu Amsterdam|New Amsterdam) is the administrative
seat of the Dutch colony of New Netherland (Neu-Niederland).
Construction of Queen’s House in Greenwich ; Banqueting House in Whitehall, London //1661.9–//1662.2 ; officially built by "Inigo Jones", who allegedly studied in "Italy" [[[Phon/Etym : i-talien -> tedeschi means: (Land) der Deutschen ; ofgermans ;
see also Funduk (arab.) Warenbörse|bursa von den Deutschen =^= Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Venice
[see more at nu|his|tory of architecture at "google 1649'ish"]
Niederländische Westindien Kompanie aka Geoctroyeerde West-Indische Compagnie is created.
Worshipful Company of Founders|Metallarbeiter receives Royal Charter in England.
The Worshipful Company of Butchers is incorporated by Royal Charter in Eng'land'
//1660.3 - 1714
Haus Stuart aka Stewart starts (stigweard "house guardian," from stig "hall, pen" + weard "guard") in England, coming from the FitzAlan family of germans "Kleinbritannien"|Britanny (today France)
Niederländische Ostindien-Kompanie aka Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie aka VOC or "Kompanie" (Compagnie|company) is created.
Republiek der Zeven (7) Verenigde Provinciën or Verenigde Nederlanden aka Generalstaaten aka Netherlands is established
A 'predated' Africa is first mapped by "Abraham Ortelius", partnering with "Gerhard Mercator" , (print-) owned by "Jodocus Hondius". First major developments from Europeans possibly not much earlier than around //1655.3 (in today's area of Guinea), //1652.0 (today's area of Mozambique), 1652 (today's South Africa), //1650.9 (today Tripolis, earlier named as part of Libia, original name for africa) ; see more at "Der Fehlende Weihnachtsmann at 9/11, U.S.Elections and other mi$ing 16 centuries: There was no medieval times or :ancient times: by Nico Haupt (Sep 10, 2012) ; chapters "africOlumbia" ; http://tinyURL.com/amazonico
With the so called "Union of Lublin", the forest area Podlachia, Podlasie, Podlesia aka Podlasie, Podlasko or Podlasze is turned over to Grand Duchy of Lithuania until 1795, which also includes the original "Kingdom of Po land|field". pod Lachem would mean "near the Poles".
(((compare chain of words : pla-no- , plonas "thin" ; pole "flat land, field", feld, which turns later into "geonetric plane" (16xx) )))
"Nicholaes Visscher" maps Nieuw Amsterdam for "Novi Belgii Novæque Angliæ"
"West India House in Amsterdam" is falseflagpainted by unknown author.
The so called "Siebzehn (17) Provinzen" are established, which include the earliest royalist regions ['metrosexual wrestlers'] incl. Grafschaft Zeeland, Grafschaft Flandern, Grafschaft Holland, Herzogtum Brabant with Markgrafschaft Antwerpen, Herrschaft Westfriesland, Herzogtum Luxemburg and others.
/ / 1654.7
First Czar|ZAR (Old German-Slavic word "tsesari" or "keisar") of Russia: Ivan|Иван (from Johannes).
Oddly the female form "czarina" (russian "tsaritsa") is not recorded until 1717
Amsterdam (aka Amstel-Dam) is first time mapped by "Cornelis Anthonisz" (//1650.5 – //1655.3) ;
the name 'england' possibly recorded around the same time as well (//1653.8).
(((The so called "Battle of Agincourt" in "14|15" is fabricated, same to so called "Hundred Years' War" between "Kingdom of England" and the "Kingdom of France". It was 'falseflagpainted' by "Josef Mathauser" [no bio], "Jean Froissart" [chronicle writer, "little is known of his life"], "Jules Eugène Lenepveu" (1819 – 1898), "John Gilbert" (?)

The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers, being a guild of the sellers of fish and seafood, combines with the Salt Fishmongers' Company to form the Company of the present name.
Worshipful Company of Innholders originally known as Hostellers receives Royal Charter in England.
schwangerschaft, Sveinn, Der Swangern frawen vnd hebamme(n) roszgarte(n)"
Proto-Germanic *swaina-, *swainaz (“relative, young man, servant”), swain

912th - 973th day around 1649'ish
"Otto I., der Große" from "Memleben" is playing one of the first kinsg worldwide, later associated with the so called "ottonen" aka "liudolfingers". His mini-metrosexual wrestling career includes after the 936th day: "Herzog von Sachsen", "König des Ostfrankenreiches" , "König von Italien" (tal means zahl|number) and the fictionalized "römisch-deutscher Kaiser"
(rom named after german word "raimunt", munt means security ; ragin/regin, „Rat(schluss) )
Memleben started as a village within the very first Burgenlandkreis worldwide, a region with the first royalist Burg|castle|tower ; today a district in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.
The original Burgenlandkreis is associated with Weißenfels (possibly around since 185th day after 1649'ish) which had two major merchant streets and included two of the oldest villages in germany : Markwerben and Burgwerben, which literally means : promote the castle, promote the mark(et) !
Weissenfels was 'falseflagpainted' by "Matthäus Merian" in 1650.

((compare with Ludwig der Deutsche aka "der Deutsche", later called a "Karolinger", who -if existed- played between 825th day around 1649'ish - 876th day the so called "(Unter-)König der Baiern"|Bavaria and King of Ostfrankenreiches. Other kings followed from the "Salier", (Franconian), "Staufer" (Swabian), Welfen (Franconian), Staufer (Swabian), followed by the so called ‪Interregnum‬ (possible screwup from historians), the Habsburger and Nassau family, Luxemburger and Wittelsbacher, again followed by Habsburgers, which slowly seems to overlap with more authentical kings during the 1650s, while the earliest "Habsburgers" appear to be 'falseflagpainted' (i.e. by "Hans Burgkmair der Ältere", "Albrecht Dürer", "Tizian", "Hans Bocksberger der Ältere", "Nicolas Neufchâtel" (extreme fishy and holey bio), "Lucas van Valckenborch", "Georg Pachmann", "Frans Luycx", "Jan van den Hoecke"))

585 -- 736th day around 1649'ish
Another bunch of german "AngelSachsen" (now pseudo-merged) continue to play koenig and koenigin in england ; incl. "Lady of Mercia Aelfwynn", daughter of Æthelreds and Æthelfledas, who creates the title "king of Britain" also used by female Æthelbald of Mercia, which possibly will
influence the name of the country "A mer ic a".
[[[ The "angeln" was a northsea-germanic family, between Flensburger Förde and the Schlei ;
today Schleswig-Flensburg in Germany, the "sachsen"|saxons started in the north
(((as "Chauken" : östliche Nachbarn der Friesen; ch“ also wie in „Licht“|light), Angrivarier (an der Weser, vornehmlich auf dem rechten Ufer ; von Hannoversch Münden bis Bremerhaven) und Cherusker ; horskr für „die Klugen“|the wise (beidseitig der oberen Weser im heutigen Ostwestfalen und in Niedersachsen bis zur Elbe)))]]]
[additional note : there was no celtic name for Britain which is another hint that this alleged "ancient" part of his|tory is completely fabricated. James I was proclaimed {1st english} King of Great Britain in //1660.4, coming from the german (earliest royalist) words brytten "wide" and walda "ruler, wielder", which furthermore named one region "Brittany", the peninsula at the western end of 'FRANK'nREICH'.

The Britische Ostindien-Kompanie|British East India Company must have started not later than //1660.0. Their first Island-Colonies must have been Jamaica aka Xaymaca (1655 ; "first discovered" //1649.4), St. Lucia (//1660.5), Virginia Company of London in Virginia/America (//1660.7), Grenada (//1660.9), Plymouth, Massachusetts/America) (//1662.0), London and Bristol Company aka Newfoundland Company, Newfoundland (//1661.0), St. Kitts (//1662.4), Barbados (//1662.7), Nevis (//1662.8), Carolina, America (1663) Maryland (//1663.4 ; allegedly "for catholics") , Rhode Island (//1663.6) , Connecticut (//1663.9), the so called takeover of Nieuw Amsterdam from the "dutch" and renaming it into New York (1664), Bahamas (1666), Pennsylvania (1681) etc…

Beginning of the fake|century- coup with a fabricated personality around alleged "ancient his|torian" "Cornelius Tacitus" and soon to be established artificial fake-language "latin". (more at "google 1649'ish")
His writings are allegedly "(re)located" at Hersfeld Abbey|Codex Hersfeldensis, which is labelled an "Benedictine Imperial Abbey"|Reichsabtei, Reichskloster, Reichsstift, in the town of Bad Hersfeld in Hesse (formerly in Hesse-Nassau), Germany.
These writings are getting approved by someone named "Enea Silvio Piccolomini", which ironically turns into the first self-declared "medieval pope" aka "Pius".
The event gets 'falseflagpainted' by "Pinturicchio" (who dies around //1651.3 ; his rigged BIO is compiled by master BIO-rigger "Giorgio Vasari", himself a fabricated personality //1651.1 – //1657.4 +++), who first examined and analyzed the book "Cornelius Tacitus".
[[ rigged influence-trace : Perugino, Fiorenzo di Lorenzo, Andrea Mantegna, Francesco Squarcione]]]

The PR scam around alleged "ancient germans" is finally picked up publicly by self declared "german humanists", including Conrad Celtes (dies //1650.8 ; 'falseflagpainted' by Hans Burgkmair ; dies //1653.1), Johannes Aventinus (dies //1653.4), and Ulrich von Hutten (dies //1652.3 ; falseflag-illustrated by "Erhard Schön").
falseflagpainted/map-illustrated by dutch "Joan Blaeu" (//1659.6 – //1667.3)
from Alkmaar|AlcMar [unknown mapper], starts to rise around //1657.3, theming also falseflag from Spanien|Spain
Unknown Germans possibly write the bible, fabricate the personality of "Martin Luther", create the Deutschherren- or Deutschritterorden aka "Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus Sankt Mariens in Jerusalem" and do start developing the cityfication-OP idea of "Deutsche Ostsiedlung" aka "Deutsche Ostkolonisation" ("Wenden").
The "DeutscherORDER", which still does exist (main seat in Vienna), was officially created in Akkon, within the Haifa Bay. Germans also create the idea of "kirihha" which turns into "church".
If black Jesus was around, he was suddenly opposed by 'white jesuits'. The word "palestine" is a potential merge between the words "palast" and "palatine" (a reference to the german Rhineland state ; first recorded around //1658.0 ; Pfalz may refer to Kaiserpfalz, county Palatine of the Rhine (German: Pfalzgrafschaft bei Rhein). During //1655.9 this region starts pushing "Calvinism", yet another early falseOpposition, supporting so called Calvinist movements in regions of future- Netherlands and France.

The Worshipful Company of Mercers|allgemeine Händler is administrating the new established "St Paul's School" and possibly starts *itself too, followed by the first "Mercers' Hall" in //1651.7

~ 400th day around 1649'ish :
The majority of the german "Angeln" (first seamen volk/family) moves to another Island and calls it "Ostanglien". (engl. East Anglia) ; it's between the future London area and the Thames estuary.
263th day after 1649'ish
Fürstentum Moskau|Duchy of Moscow aka Moskawien starts to exist
240–242th day after 1649'ish
plausible end of "Kiewer Rus" (earlier established by german-swedish merchants), another data hints on 237th - 240th day after 1649'ish
93th day after 1649'ish - 321th day after 1649'ish
Großfürstentums Wladimir-Susdal|Grand Duchy of Vladimir-Suzdal|Великого княжества Владимиро-Суздальского has some temporary impact

096–109th day ..
So called "Erster Kreuzzug"|Crusade, based on the prequel Bauernkreuzzug aka Armenkreuzzug, followed by "2nd crusade-wrestling" (147th - 149th day after 1649'ish) incl. Grafschaft in Lothringen, "3rd crusade-wrestling" (189th day - 192th day ...) incl. "Guido I. von Jerusalem" and "Friedrich V. von Schwaben" etc., finalized with "Vierte Kreuzzug"|4th Crusade ; 202 - 204 th day (incl. 'failed ballgame' to 'find EGYPTEN')

Potential Day|1 for all Humans worldwide
1650 : Weißenfels - one of the oldest human villages worldwide ?
1,600 years no marine paintings at all ? Better think the first 16 centuries did not exist.
The first official marine painters had been : "Abraham Storck" (1649'ish–1708 ; see painting above 1698), "Hendrick (Cornelisz.) Vroom" (//1656.3 - //1664.0) ; Sir Peter Lely ('dies' 1680), Claude Lorrain ('dies' 1682), "Isaac Sailmaker" (1649'ish - 1721), "‪Adriaen Van Diest‬" ("‪The Battle of Lowestoft", 1665‬), "Jeronymus van Diest" (1649'ish – 1687), ‪"Jacob Knyff" ("An English Ship and other Shipping off Castle Cornet, Guernsey‬, 1650s), "Lieve Pietersz. Verschuier" ("Schiffe der Kurbrandenburgischen Flotte bei einer Flottenparade", 1684), "‪Die Werft zu Havelberg‬" (unknown artist)
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[[the orginal chapter is much longer and still unfinished]]]

"Google 1649'ish": [german]Pope steps back during my revised chapter "nu|chronology of false religions" -Pt.1 ^

"nu|chronology of false religions" -Pt.1
The first 16 centuries did not take place.
by Nico Haupt

from forthcoming book "google 1649'ish" ; see more excerpts at

Please keep in mind, that the Holy See (the official seat of a bishop), which is the episcopal jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Rome, is often incorrectly referred to as "the Vatican", but it is not the same entity as the Vatican City State, which came into existence only in 1929.

The following paragraph should show, that the idea of a "bishop" couldn't have been that old.
The word bishop comes clearly from the Old High German word "biscof" and Old Saxon "biscop".
However the chess piece "bishop" (formerly known as "archer"[skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow], before that "alfin") appears to have been first mentioned in literature as late as around //1656.0+-.
Interestingly this matches with the words "cathedratic" (1660s), "cathedratical" (1660s), "cathedraical" (1670s), from "cathedral" (//1658.0+-, "church of a bishop", however then 'predated' into "13|00").

Regarding the word "alfin", it seems to have come from alfil for elephant, from the Tamerlane chess.
Originally it is called an elephant. Two of its alternate names were hasty and gaja.
Even *today, the word for the bishop piece is alfil in Spanish, "fil" in Turkish, "fīl" in Persian and слон (which means elephant) in Russian.
Note that especially german literature barely mentions "chess" in the first 16 centuries as well.
There is one rare exception of a fabricated, "unknown personality" writer with the medieval poem "Ruodlieb".
It also doesn't make any sense that the first world Chess Championship was not held until 1821,
though another world title was described for possibly around //1657.5 with Giovanni Leonardo da Cutri (Kingdom of Neapel) beating Paolo Boi (Sicilia) in Madrid.
Was the "bishop" involved yet?

The word chess varies with shaken in Dutch, Schach in German, szachy in Polish, šahs in Latvian and shāh in persian ("king"), which introduces the false "oriental leadership".
Clearly the chess game|schachspiel was first introduced in Thomas Hyde's "De ludis orientalibus libri duo", which was as late as published in 1694.
Thomas Hyde (1649'ish – 1703) was one of the first "orientalists" who also invented the word "dualism".
Hyde was "influenced" from potentially fabricated "Abraham Wheelocke" (//1659.3 – //1665.3), the first Professor of Arabic at the University of Cambridge (allegedly formed in "12|09", though it appears to be instead around //1659.6, with the founding of Sidney Sussex).

To continue with "latin", this is an alleged ancient language, which can be traced back to complete different origins
and will be widely covered in Pt.2.
Please also keep in mind, that "ancient rome" is another fabrication too.
The word "rome" comes more logically from the german word and name "RaiMund"/"Raginmund"(mouth), which means counsel of Security.
The anglicized 'brother-form' "Raymond" is recorded very late in literature, in the so called "Domesday Book" (A "record of the great survey"), which is scripting predated events during "10|86", while it was first publicly promoted by the Society of Antiquaries of London (*1717 ; precursors noted for //1658.6.)
Please note that the word "church" comes clearly from the West Germanic word kirika, Old Saxon kirika, Old High German kirihha, German Kirche (more in the sense of a meeting house), while the english word "unchurched" wasn't introduced before the 1680s.
The idea of church, false religions and false temples, is then closely linked to the idea of archeology and alleged medieval- and ancient times.

In 1707 the Society of Antiquaries society is planned by members of the Talman architect family, linked to Sir Christopher Wren, who was responsible for 52 churches in the City of London after the Great 'False(Flag)Fire' in 1666, including St. Paul's Cathedral, completed in 1710.
Furthermore involved is paleographer Humfrey Wanley (1672–1726), who forms the Harleian Collection (or Harley Collection), one of the main collections of the British Library, London, England.
Palaeography [also spelt paleography] is the study of alleged ancient writing, but wasn't established before "De re diplomatic" in 1681, by "Dom Jean Mabillon", a personality which is tied to Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the infamous Minister of Finances of France (1665 - 1683 ; during this period Colbert blocked and censored the importation of Venetian glass, regulated all kind of guilds and formed the French East India Company in 1664.)

In 1663, Dom Jean Mabillon was one of the founding members of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres (as described in my first book "OccupyBeyoncé" one of the first culprits to manipulate and control the study of the monuments, the documents, the languages including of alleged "medieval times").
This manipulation continues with Dom Bernard de Montfaucon (1655 – 1741), a French Benedictine monk, and a scholar who founded the actual discipline of paleography.
de Montfaucon is also regarded to be one of the founders of modern archaeology.

In 1687 de Montfaucon supported the idea of alleged ancient languages by the Greek, Hebrew, Chaldean, Syriac and Coptic Egyptian (based on Greek alphabet).
A deeper search ties the 'archeology-/paleographyCON' finally ends up at the Abbey of Saint-Remi, which puppeteered Mabillon.
This Abbey becomes more transparent during the phase of Jacques-Nicolas Colbert (1655 -1707), another French churchman, who eventually becomes Archbishop of Rouen in 1691 and yet another first member of the Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres (*1663). Colbert was apparently instrumentalized to oppose so called "Jansenism", an early falseOpposition within the so called "Christian theological movement".
Others had been Calvinism and 'Reformed-ISM', which branched from Protestantism and Lutheranism.

The Amish [*1693; led by Jakob Ammann], Hutterites, and Mennonites (named after Menno Simons [//1649.6–//1656.1] of Friesland) are direct descendants of the "Anabaptist-Protestant movement".
The so called "Radical Reformation" was scripted during //1651.6 and //1651.9, tied to other more potential fabricated personalities incl. "Thomas Müntzer".
An alleged precursor of "Reformation" during the alleged "medieval times" is stated for the so called "Waldensians" ('falseflagpainted' by anonymous engravers !).
During //1653.2 the Waldensian Church became the Italian branch of so called "Reformed churches".

"John Calvin" must be logically another fabrication, who was constantly 'falseflagpainted' by "unknown artists", with the rare exception of engraver "René Boyvin" ["dies" //1659.8], who has an extreme thin bio and "Viziano Vecelli" aka "Titian" (//1649.0 – //1657.6), who was ironically "visitor" at the Council of Trent towards //1655.5, which condemned Protestant Reformation, linked to "Luther's" alleged Ninety-Five Theses-stunt from //1651.7 at the All Saints' Church aka Schloßkirche ("Castle church", possibly constructed until //1651.1) in Wittenberg, Germany.

The german royalist House of Anhalt and the Principality of Halberstadt|Fürstentum Halberstadt, a state of the Holy Roman Empire ruled by Brandenburg-Prussia, is behind the foundation of the city Wittenberg.
During //1650.2, the University of Wittenberg must have been established, to pave the way for the fabricated biography of "Martin Luther" and "Philipp Melanchthon" (Professor of Greek from //1651.8).

"Luther" can be ridiculed over his //1651.7 contact with "Cardinal Albert of Hohenzollern", who was 'falseflagpainted' in //1652.6 by "Lucas Cranach the Elder", a complete fabrication, who officially worked as a court painter to the Electors of Saxony. Ironically Cranach is mentioned in "public accounts" of Wittenberg in //1650.4 as well.
During //1651.8 it must have been scripted, that Luther's 95 Theses had been translated by unknown german friends into german language.

There is no clear meeting of "Luther" with other human persons until italian philosopher, papal legate and cardinal "Thomas Cajetan", however this meeting was 'falseflagpainted' by an unknown author and cannot be taken serious as well.
All other reformist sects had been influenced by the 1660 released book "Martyrs' Mirror or The Bloody Theater" by "Thieleman J. van Braght", which glorifies so called Christian martyrs, especially Anabaptists.
It furthermore had significant impact on "Mennonites", officially named after the fabricated personality of Menno Simons (around //1653.6).


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"'Nico Haupt'" <nicohaupt2@yahoo.com>
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How War and His|tory of Gun Weaponry was falsified
-the first 16 centuries did not take place

by Nico Haupt (February 2013)
[[please check out http://checkthis.com/1649ishsex ]

Both Civil War in England and USA are based on lies, fabrications and manipulative impressions of specific oil paintings and photographs.
"Oliver Cromwell" did not exist !

Most obviously it should be mentioned a popular german print of what i describe as 'falsefagpaintings', depicting the beheading of King Charles, by some "unknown author" and the alleged "English Civil War" (//1664.2 - //1664.9) which took officially place surrounded by Matchlock Muskets, flintlock- or dog lock pistols, though all of them were extremely hard to handle.
The flintlock mechanism was allegedly introduced in "16|10", though this could have taken place instead in //1661.0, then got 'predated' by century|fakers, as also my 4th book "google 1649'ish " will describe.

The development of firearm lock mechanisms must have proceeded very quickly from matchlock to wheellock to snaplock to snaphance and miquelet and not slowly developed over alleged 200 years.
Early muskets with serpentine lock had been developed by german constructors, but how they got shipped and sold to other regions was never explained by his|torians.
Here's the revised chronology of firearm lock mechanisms :
Matchlock //1652.6, //1654.3 (snap matchlocks //1651.0).

Meanwhile at around the same time, without having any logistical reason for krieg|war, the following events might have been scripted for the conditioned public/sheeple/humans yet to swallow :

A 'predated' Africa is first mapped by "Abraham Ortelius", partnering with "Gerhard Mercator" , (print-) owned by "Jodocus Hondius". First major developments from Europeans possibly not much earlier than around //1655.3 (in today's area of Guinea), //1652.0 (today's area of Mozambique), 1652 (today's South Africa), //1650.9 (today Tripolis, earlier named as part of Libia, original name for africa) ; see more at "Der Fehlende Weihnachtsmann at 9/11, U.S.Elections and other mi$ing 16 centuries: There was no medieval times or :ancient times: by Nico Haupt (Sep 10, 2012) ; chapters "africOlumbia" ; http://tinyURL.com/amazonico

Republiek der Zeven (7) Verenigde Provinciën or Verenigde Nederlanden aka Generalstaaten aka Netherlands is established

With the so called "Union of Lublin", the forest area Podlachia, Podlasie, Podlesia aka Podlasie, Podlasko or Podlasze is turned over to Grand Duchy of Lithuania until 1795, which also includes the original "Kingdom of Po land|field". pod Lachem would mean "near the Poles".
(((compare chain of words : pla-no- , plonas "thin" ; pole "flat land, field", feld, which turns later into "geonetric plane" (16xx) )))

Back to the wheel-lock, which must have started around the 1650s, then was 'predated' by hist|tory|fakers into the fabricated bio of Mr."da Vinci", instead it must have been a technical result of some "unknown German mechanic" as well.
Ironically some literature mentions the very first gun control laws, possibly predated during //1651.8, though weaponry was invented by the earliest governments anyway.
A stray wheellock pistol shot was promoted for the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre of French Huguenots, possibly predated during //1657.2.
A snaplock which is similar to the snaphaunce, was first introduced as late as //1654.0+-, probably in southern Germany, but was soon out of fashion for being crude and unsafe.
A snaphance or snaphaunce (manipulated into alleged dutch origin) was some improvement of the earlier snapback, but couldn't have long existed as well.
Though predated into the "15|50"s, it was more likely introduced around //1655.0.
By about 1680 this type was out of fashion as well, though officially used "by Northern Italy where it persisted until the 1750s".
Finally the Miquelet Lock aka arcabuces de rastrillo or escopeta de rastrillo was introduced. Was this in "16|00" or //1660.0 ?

Regular readers of my 1649'ish-series might decide on this, since they immediately went out of fashion between o:1660-1675 as well.
For this and many other reasons, the so called english civil war doesn't make any logical sense.
The earliest unsafe guns had been eventually replaced by the grooving technology, but this didn't happen until french-influenced Madrid gunsmiths around 1700.
Logically "war" still didn't make much sense until then *either.
Ironically another "follow-up", the castilian agujeta on a long gun was depicted in a painting from "Antonio Puga" (//1660.2 – //1664.8), either from "16|38" or //1663.8.
Though the agujeta lock became officially established early on in North Africa, it was soon outdated as well.
That changed with the introduction of the percussion cap, but this didn't happen before 1820.
Clearly throughout the first alleged 16 centuries furthermore a hand cannon didn't make much sense either, same to the complete his|tory of the so called "english cannon" or related, allegedly used in the alleged "Hundred Years War", which was 'falseflagpainted' by only 3-5 painters.
Most of these painters didn't even live during that period, i.e. Josef Mathauser (1846-1917), "medieval miniatures painter Loyset Liédet, influenced by chronicle writer Jean Froissart", John Gilbert (1817–1897) and Jules Eugène Lenepveu (1819 – 1898).
Furthermore easy to ridicule is the history of the howitzer (from the czech slang houfnice or Middle High German word Hūfe or Houfe, meaning "heap") or the "mortar".
The howitzer was allegedly used in the so called medieval Bohemian Wars, though the biggest reference appears to be falseflagpainter Josef Mathauser (1846–1917) as well.
Then there was Big Bertha aka Dicke Bertha, a super-heavy howitzer developed by the famous armaments manufacturer Krupp in Germany, but not before World War I, which officially lasted only 4 years (1914–1918).

Literature opposes the use of cannons as well.
The distinction of the german words Kanone, Haubitze or Mörser|Mortar wasn't used before the 1650s *at all* and started only in the late 1700s, compare this with Johann Christoph Adelung's "Grammatisch-kritisches Wörterbuch der Hochdeutschen Mundart" (1793).
Also Haubitzen or Howitzers had been introduced as late as 1683.
Though Mörser|Mortar had been 'predated' and 'falseflagpainted' for "14|53" (earliest reference around 1903), more likely this weapon was introduced between //1645.3 and 1689 (Menno van Coehoorn ; for the dutch "Staten-Generaal" and their associated im- and export [colonization] companies "Niederländische Ostindien-Kompanie" and Westindien-Kompagnie).

If snaphaunce muskets, or earliest forms of flintlocks had been allegedly used by the parliamentarian army in the English Civil War, why did it appear on the "Rubens"-painting "Marie de' Medici as Bellona" ?
(The personality of Rubens was possibly fabricated between //1657.7 – //1664.0 as well).
Furthermore an improved type instead of a complicated muzzle loader|Vorderlader wasn't introduced before 1704 (Isaac de la Chaumette).
Even more intriguing, the Musket|Muskete didn't start before 1763 (Honoré Blanc), the "maschinenpistole"|sub machine gun not before 1896 and 1908 (however not even really used during WW1/1914 - 1918, because it only allowed 10-20 shots each minute), the "maschinengewehr"|machine gun, though introduced between 1850 (Mitrailleuse), 1860 (Union Repeating Gun) and 1885 (Hiram Maxim's Maxim Gun) didn't make much sense for mass use either.

The American "Sezessionskrieg" aka "American Civil War" (1861 - 1865), for many other reasons, therefore completely didn't make much sense at all, possibly only used to promote improved technological inventions i.e. the train, the telegraph and photography (Alexander Gardner) and of course for hand guns in general.
Only a few years before the american civil war obviosly false-flag triggered, Frederick Scott Archer invented the photographic collodion process which preceded the modern gelatin emulsion.
Back to firearms in general. Though his|torians quickly refer to alleged used of ancient china, it's rubbish. An improved development behind firearms accelerated as late as during the 1800s and 1900s, including the invention of the percussion ignition (Alexander John Forsyth ; 1768–1843).
War, Crime and Murder, for dozens of many different reasons couldn't have existed during the alleged first 16 centuries, since also tax- and money systems were not clearly introduced yet.
The first 16 centuries did not exist, it's even more conclusive than ever, that every first humans started to breathe around 1649'ish, Gunpowder aka black powder|Schwarzpulver didn't start much before //1655.0 or between the 419th - 434th day after 1649'ish, oddly also referenced through "Berthold Schwarz" ("13|53").
Finally there is the bomb. The word wasn't used before the 1680s, references the so called "Dreißigjährigen Krieges" ("16|18" - "16|48"), possibly fictionalized between //1661.8 - //1664.8, same to the 'scadinavian nordic wars between //1656.0 - o:1721.

There is furthermore extreme confusion about the latter.
Though listed as Nordic War I - III, altogether his|torians debate about 16 different ones, which possibly didn't even start before 1654, //1655.4, //1660.0 or 1674.
*here referenced as NOR I - NOR III, mostly NOR I was falseflagged between 1655 - 1660, though swedish his|torians insist it was between "15|54"–"15|57" (=> //1655.4–//1655.7).
Russian his|torians refer to the years 1654–67 for NOR I, which means that there wasn't a synchronized effort to boost century|fakery from the start and none of these nordic wars did take place in the way as described.
Furthermore it should be pointed out that not until Ascanio Sobrero (1812 – 1888), an Italian chemist, nitroglycerine was discovered. His swedish student Alfred Bernhard Nobel furthermore developed dynamite (from swedish slang dynamit based on greek slang dynamis which means "power") with a patent in 1867.
Check out also the original article of 'falseflagpaintings' at http://checkthis.com/falseflagpaintings, which reached almost 1,000 views in the first few weeks, though not really power-promoted at all.

ps: one of the current 'niconclusions' are that both WWI and WW2 did not take place at all, as described in the way how all established his|torians claim it occurred.
It was a fake reality stunt, produced by french and german radio- and movie/television producers and the inventors of radar, computer and video recording systems.
The nuclear bomb did never exist. The people who died, were maneuvered into some major false flag as well and died or disappeared under completely different causes.
The smoking gun is that this evidential fact was never explained to all humans at the same time, especially not in 2013.
Noone *has Nuclear Weapons, they didn't have them in 1911, 1945, neither they do exist in North Korea, Iran, USA or the former Soviet Union.
Did he "resign" in //1649.3 ? Gregor 'II' is first mentioned at Michel Wolgemut, Wilhelm Pleydenwurff, Hartmann Schedel, "Nuremberg Chronicle" (//1649.3 ; Publisher : "Anton Koberger", who "dies" around //1651.3, labelled as "alleged godfather of Martin Luther"). Does the Vatican read my Updates ?
Pirates-history started too late compared with SEEMANNSRECHT

the character from "Klaus Störtebeker" aka "Klaas Störtebecker", "Claas Störtebeker" aka "Nikolaus Storzenbecher" is fabricated ("13|60" - "14|01") allegedly dies in Hamburg, though this city might started around 1660s, when they built [too late!] the first anti-tsunami wall..

from http://checkthis.com/1649ishsex :

"...Also there was no "Zuchthaus"|Jail until "Rasphuis" in Amsterdam, [painted in 1662 by "Melchior Fokkens" - bio unknown], which existed between //1659.6 - 1815 ; (o:) "15|96"] ; followed 'quickly' (*after conversion) by Bremen (//1660.9), Lübeck (//1661.3), Hamburg (//1662.2) and Danzig (//1662.9)....

...(((See also "Hansa". There was no "medieval times". The idea of Hanse is a direct side product of the earliest king|doms. In 1669, Lübeck, Hamburg, Bremen, Danzig, Rostock, Braunschweig, Hildesheim, Osnabrück and Köln attended the last public Hansa-Day, der "letzte Hansetag in Lübeck")))

Hamburg and Luebeck adding a regular postal service )

Kersten Miles ("13|78" - "14|20") around the alleged- fabricated "Bürgermeister", *never 'falseflagpainted'.

Same to Gödeke Michels († 1401 in Hamburg) aka Gottfried Michaelsen
Flugblatt von 1701: Die hingerichtete See-Räuber Störtebek und Gödeke Bicheel, zum 300. Jahrestag der Hinrichtung der Vitalienbrüder Gödeke Michels und Klaus Störtebekers auf dem Hamburger Grasbook 1401. Gedruckt bei Nicolaus Sauer, Hamburg. Im Bestand des Hamburger Staatsarchivs.

The legend from alleged "medieval 'stoerteBAKER'" came up as late as within the first printing products (1650s-1700) "Flugblatt|leaflet von 1701: "...Die hingerichtete See-Räuber Störtebek und Gödeke Bicheel, zum 300. Jahrestag der Hinrichtung der Vitalienbrüder Gödeke Michels und Klaus Störtebekers auf dem Hamburger Grasbook 1401..".
Gedruckt|PRINTED at Nicolaus Sauer, Hamburg.
*owned by "Hamburger Staatsarchiv", *started in 1710 linked to the first SENAT, (then later rigged by royalistlinked "Stadt|SCHREIBER" into the alleged medieval year "12|93"

nico haupt, *born in hansestadt hamburg