OFFLINE Coco-Chans Kimono by Kumiko Sudo pocket touch review download kindle

Book description
Inspired by the author’s childhood memories of the Japanese countryside, this entrancing picture book, illustrated with beautiful watercolor drawings, tells the story of Coco-Chan, who must wait patiently for her mother to finish sewing her new kimono. As Mama stitches away, Coco-Chan’s attention skips to a dragonfly at the window who beckons her outside. Stepping into the garden, Coco-Chan discovers a wonderful world where she is able to chat with the bugs and beetles among the flowers. Immediately engaging to young children, this delightful tale of a kimono literally coming to life will inspire boys and girls to seek a world of wonder just outside their doors. Quilting and fabric enthusiasts will love the beautiful kimono designs that inspired the story. Fun for kids, the book also includes a simple pattern for a cut-and-fold paper kimono.
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