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From the author of THE HUNT FOR ATLANTIS, comes an electrifying new novel - prepare yourself for an adrenalin-fuelled ride.An ancient warriorFor archaeologist Nina Wilde its the opportunity of a lifetime. Her studies of an ancient text have convinced her that a tomb containing the remains of legendary warrior Hercules may actually exist. If she can locate it, it will be the most important historical find ever to be unearthed.An incredible treasureAs Nina and Eddie Chase, her ex-SAS bodyguard, begin their search its clear that others want to find the tomb - and the unimaginable riches contained within. Then Chases attention is diverted by the re-appearance of a face from his past...A lethal enemyNina and Chase are soon following a violent trail of corruption and conspiracy around the globe. From Switzerland to Shanghai, Botswana to London, its a race against time to find the Tomb of Hercules before it falls into the most evil of hands...
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