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Book description
Max is a duck who was born in the middle of Spring. He thought he would like Winter just as much, so he did not fly south with his flock when Winter began. In the midst of a snowstorm in December, Max strays onto the porch of pet owner, Irene. In desperation, Max knocks on the door. Irene opens the door and is very surprised to see a duck on her doorstep in December. She lets Max stay with her, and her pets, for the Winter months. Max is introduced to modern lifestyles like cooking and television. He creates dishes for Irenes pets, like Tofu Surprise, and tortures them with the re-runs of episodes the family has seen multiple times.When Winter reaches its end, Max says farewell to his second family, and races to rejoin his flock. As the Spring, Summer, and Autumn months rolled by, Irenes family found themselves missing Max dearly. As December began, the family was not surprised when they heard a knock on the door. Irene opens the door to find that Max and his flock are staying for the winter. Irene and her family welcome the flock with open arms.Max is an outgoing, naive, adventurous duck. He does not know how harsh winter is when he does not fly south with his flock. He was very grateful to Irene and her family for taking him in for the Winter months. Max enjoyed staying with them so much he came back and brought his flock with him for the same experience.I would recommend this book for children the ages of five and up. Any child would enjoy this book because it is silly, cute, and very creative. I feel that this book would make them laugh. I would also recommend parents to purchase this book for their children.I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. I thought the drawings were super cute and creative. I really liked the characters, they were all unique in their own way. The plot was very creative and fun. Overall, I really liked this cute little picture book.
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