Carnival of 2014

It's carnival other time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I love all the spots, but my favourite sport is swiming.

jingle bells


The winter is coming, and with it the cold.
We have to buy warmly clothes, like a sweter, a coat, boots..
In winter, the people go to snow, and make snowmans, it is very funny.
The snowman can have, a hat, a scarf, gloves...

Santa claus

Santa Claus is man, he send gifst to all the childrens of the world.

christmas tree

christmas is coming

Christmas is my favourite holiday, because is you can make a big party with your family and friends.

halloween pumpikns

These are some of funnie pumpkins.

halloween is coming

halloween costumes

You can be a witch.
You can be a pumpkin.
You can be a vampire.
You can be a squeleton.

New York

New York is the most populous city in the United States


One Direction is a group of five boys: Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam.


Auryn is a group of five boys:Carlos, Álvaro, David, Dani and Blas.


The horse and the tiger.

Once upon a time a horse and a tiger fallin love.
They are happy together and they like looking at the moon at Valentine's Day.
The tiger loves the horse<3
The horse loves the tiger<3
And they live happily ever after...


In Carnival people get dressed of diferents characters.
For example:
An angel.
A bat man.
A lion.
A princess.
A policeman.

MY carnvial.

In carnival i going to my grandparents house and eat with my family.
Later i going to the carnival show and the people have others characters.
Is very funny. My favourite carnival costume is for Charleston.

unique house.

This is a unique house because it looks like a boot.
It is in South Africa.
It's very big and pretty.

happy 2013

Happy new year.
Kisses Yaiza.<3

christmas trees

This is a big CHRISTMAS

christmas quiz!

1- People decorate these with lights and ornaments: Christmas tree.
2- This is another name for Santa Claus: Father Christsmas.
3- If you live in a cold country you can probably make one of these in December: snowman.
4- This is where Santa puts all the presents. The reindeer pull it: sleigh.
5- People used to put these on Christmas trees for lights: candles.
This is a song of CHRISTMAS and of LOVE.

new monsters high.

This is Venus. She is daughter of the carnivorous plant.

merry christmas


I live in Gijón. This is a image of Gijón.
My grandparents live in a house in front of the beach.
I love go to the hairdresser's of my mum and my grandmather.

gangnam style

This is the gangnam style.

carly rae jepsen

dexter diary rutines

He gets up.
He shaves his stubble.
He has a breakfast.
He brush his teeth.
And he walks.

my dairy routines

I get up.
I get dress.
I have a breakfast.
I brush my teeth.
I brush my hair.
And i go to school.


I love vidio games. My favouritte videogame is MARIO BROS
And this is his friend, his name is Luigi.

olympic games.

They are the five olypmic circles.


This is a image of fireworks.
This is Katy Perry. She is a singer.


This is Selena Gómez she is a lovely actress and singer. This song name is CRUELLA THE VIL.

Monster high in skull island.

This is the first part of the movie: SKULL- ISLAND.

halloween in the school

The 31 october, 5º and 6º have a halloween party.

apple bobbing

The apple bobbing is a game.
This consist in capture with your mouth an apple in a bolal with water.

halloween costumes

This is a witch. She's wearing a dress, a long socks, and a big hat.
This is a pumpkin. Is a big orange vegetable.
This is DRACULA. He is wearing a black shirt, black trousers and a red cape.

This is a song of halloween

Halloween  pumpkins

They are 8 pumpinks of halloween.
This is a big pumpkin.

this is a flag of london

It´s red, blue and white.

this is a map of england.

I went to London on 2005.


This is Nicole.
She is from Colorado.
Her favourite sport is snowboarding.
She likes mexican food.
She is toll and thin.
Shes got brown ,straight hair.
Shes got big eyes and small nose.

Shes wearing a purple t-shirt, and trousers.


Hello my name is Yaiza.
I am ten years old.
I´ve got a sister, her name is Aroa.
I love Paris. I went to DISNEY LAND, PARIS, last March.
This is the castle of the SLEEPING BEAUTY.
This is my favourite musical group. ONE DIRECTION.




This is my favourite group. They are One Direction. They are five boys from England. I love their songs <3

this is justin bieber

This is JUSTIN BIEBER. He sing´s very good.

Monster  high

I like monster high.  
This is draculaura. My favourite monster high.


10- words of the song

Driving- Conduciendo
This is Nicole.
She is from Colorado.
She has got a brother.
Her favourite sport is snowbording.
She loves mexican food.
This is a lemond tree.

Penélope  Cruz

This is Penélope Cruz.
She is 38 years old.
She has got long, brown straight hair.
She has got big brown eyes, and a big nose.
She is an actress.
She is married to Javier Bardem.
They have got a son, his name is Leo.

Brad   pitt

This is Brad Pitt.
He is 48 years old.
He has got short blond hair, small blue eyes.
He has got a big nose and a big mouth.
He is from Shawnee, Oklahoma (U.S.A)
He is an actor.
He is married to Angelina Jolie.
They have got six daughter's.