Question: please tell me where The Jewish Ethic of Personal Responsibility: Volume 1: Breisheet and Shemot by Steven Pruzansky tablet access book sale value

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The notion of personal responsibility sounds so obvious that for generations it was self-understood. It was associated with maturity, reasoned decision making, acceptance of consequences for one s actions, admissions of guilt and wrongdoing when appropriate, thrift and decency, concern for others and for society at large. But the rise of the entitlement generation has transformed the way we live and look at the world. Too many feel that others i.e., the rest of society are responsible to raise them, feed them, clothe them, educate them, find them spouses, jobs and homes, give them health care, defend them, and satisfy all their physical and emotional needs. That mindset debilitates both the individual and the society; the ethic of personal responsibility needs to be revived for the welfare of both. Fortunately, personal responsibility is at the very heart of the Torah. Rooted in the fundamental doctrine of free choice, the Torah compels us to take responsibility for ourselves and others and shape our personal and national destinies accordingly. This unique book, in the format of essays on each Torah portion, extracts from the Torah itself applications of the Jewish ethic of personal responsibility in areas as diverse as ethics, dating, marriage, parenting, family life, employment, divine service, military service, acts of kindness, repentance, private property ownership, wealth, Torah study, mitzvot, modesty, justice, gratitude, sensitivity, Jewish national life, holiness and more, leaving us with a profound vision for modern man and his search for meaning and happiness.
The Jewish Ethic of Personal Responsibility: Volume 1: Breisheet and Shemot by Steven Pruzansky flibusta touch library read get

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