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Book description
Open The Fishermans Wife and you enter the world of first-century Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee. This is the hometown of St. Peters wife. What was it like to be a Jewish woman married to a man who leaves home for long stretches of time to follow Jesus, a controversial preacher with mysterious powers? Through The Fishermans Wife you experience the unusual life of Peters wife vicariously.In Capernaum you meet not only impetuous Peter, but the tempestuous Zebedee brothers and other apostles, persons Jesus healed, Mary, and the Lord himself. People in the Bible spring to life as their stories are told through the eyes of St. Peters wife. At first she regards Jesus as a rival for her husbands affections. As she transforms from a doubter into a fervent disciple, you are treated to a personal and unique view not only of Peter but of Jesus--his words and actions culminating in his death and rising.By the time you are finished reading, you will feel as though you know the people who walk through the Bible at the time of Jesus. From then on, hearing and reading their stories in Scripture will never be the same.Kathleen Glavich has authored numerous books on the Bible for all ages and was privileged to visit the Holy Land. From the time she was a preteen, she has loved fiction books about Bible characters. She lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and ventures out to give talks on Scripture, even as far away as Dubai.
The Fishermans Wife: The Gospel According to St. Peters Spouse by Kathleen Glavich (Goodreads Author) download audio apple online thepiratebay

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