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My friend in elementary school had a handful of Give Yourself Goosebumps titles he let me read, including this one. The storyline left an impression on me, and rereading it years later, I found myself recognizing some of the scenarios. The storylines center on your character, your friend and your little brother stumbling upon a plot to end time. You can either join with the rebel leader Chronos and fight against the Time Police, or head to the center of the universe and defuse a bomb in a land populated by the creatures of the Zodiac. In my opinion, this is one of the best, most original plots Ive seen so far in the series. Its interesting and pretty well thought out. During the Zodiac storyline, you encounter almost every creature, from Aquarius to Taurus to Leo, in some very imaginative scenes. In the other storyline, you have the choice of going into the past, present or future and battling the Time Police, which doesnt manage to be as interesting or fun as the previous storyline. Something I thought was really well-done was the ambiguity of Chronoss character. Is he a rebel fighting for justice or a criminal fighting the police? As one of the last entries in this series, published in 1999, its doubtful this book got the attention it deserved. In my opinion, its well worth tracking down and I recommend it.
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