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The time was 1932. Americas demand for the return of beer was at a fever pitch. In cities across the country, demonstrators marched carrying signs that read, We Want Beer. The nation was in dire need of jobs, and the folly of Prohibition had become obvious to all. America wanted its beer.It was in this environment that author Bob Brown, a regular in the New York Bohemian poet scene of the 1920s and 30s, published this delightfully whimsical ode to the history of beer in America. Though chock-full of solid brewing history, the book takes a light-hearted and fun-filled approach not seen in other beer history works. There is special emphasis on the drinking customs and establishments both before Prohibition, and during. It also includes a thorough look at the history of drinking vessels.H.L. Mencken — a notoriously outspoken opponent of Prohibition and to whom the book was dedicated — wrote, I hope every honest beer fanatic will buy two copies of Let There Be Beer! — one for himself and one for his pastor.
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