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Walter Van Tilburg Clark, author of the classic novel The Ox-Bow Incident, was one of the most important writers of the twentieth century, who helped to change American literature by making the West and its vast, haunted landscapes a legitimate subject for serious fiction. But his career, which began so brilliantly, largely ended when he was still a comparatively young man, stifled by a paralyzing case of writers block. Jackson J. Benson, one of the countrys foremost literary biographers, has produced the first full-length biography of this brilliant, enigmatic figure, focusing on Clarks intellectual and literary life as a writer and teacher, and on his life in the transforming midcentury West of which he was so passionately a part. Available now for the first time in paperback, The Ox-Bow Man is both a remarkably astute and sensitive examination of a complex, ultimately anguished writer and a sage assessment of Clarks pivotal place in the literary history of the West. More than a biography, this is a compelling examination of the literary world of the twentieth-century West and of the evolution of Western writing at the hands of one of its greatest masters.
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