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Book description
Claude McKay was a defining poet of the Harlem Renaissance; he was somewhat less great at writing novels, but this one is pretty good.There was a central conflict between the major players in the Harlem Renaissance. Some, following Alain Locke and his landmark anthology The New Negro, were concerned with what black folks might be; they advocated education to uplift the race. Others were more concerned with just talking about what black people were right now. They were led by Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes, among others, and they called themselves the Niggerati, which is a great name for a band that doesnt have me in it.More Awesome Names For Bands Im Not InThe Vagina Monster HogsKlezmeroticaChumbawumbaThe two groups occasionally came into conflict because the, lets call them the New Negroes thought the Niggerati werent concerned enough with racial uplift and the Niggerati thought the New Negroes were too white-facing, too willing to accept outside definitions of what uplift means. So, like, Richard Wright savaged Their Eyes Were Watching God, comparing Hurstons dialect to the minstrel technique that makes the white folks laugh. Claude McKay falls with the first crew, although Home to Harlem straddles the line a bit. It describes Harlem in terrific, specific detail, the good and the bad equally. His characters speak in a variety of dialects. There are even pimps! And they call them sweet-backs! Jake, McKays symbol of primitive Afro-American decency and vitality according to my editions intro, actually returns to Harlem twice over the course of the novel. Good old Harlem! Chocolate Harlem! Sweet Harlem! But also, This here Harlem is a stinking sink of iniquity. Nigger hell! The worst of Harlems culture is described unflinchingly. One of Jakes girlfriends was disappointed in Jake. She had wanted him to live in the usual sweet way. to be brutal and beat her up a little, and take away her money from her. And another character, Strawberry Lips (!), is described as typically the stage Negro. He was proof that a generalization has some foundation in truth...You might live your life in many black belts and arrive at the conclusion that there is no such thing as a typical Negro - no minstrel coon off the stage... no lineal descendant of Uncle Tom. Then one day your theory may be upset through meeting with a type by far more perfect than any created counterpart.I think its telling that, in the end, (view spoiler)[Jake leaves Harlem for good. (hide spoiler)]
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