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This letterpress limited edition revives a notable collection of 16th century fables. Through an enduring interest in the works of Arthur Golding, Arion Press director Andrew Hoyem learned of an unpublished manuscript of 125 Aesopic fables by the English Renaissance writer in the collection of Columbia University. A photocopy of the holograph was obtained, and the help of Professor Richard G. Barnes of Pomona College was enlisted. Dr. Barnes original scholarship provided the necessary basis for this first edition of a work by a master of the English language 400 years after it was written. Balancing the five traditional textual elements against the images of an emblem book was an exciting typographic challenge for the Press. The very early (and rare) etchings of Gheeraerts appeared in French and Latin editions of the book in the sixteenth century and now join the English in the twentieth. This book is published by Arion Press, which produces some of the most beautiful limited-edition books in the world, according to the New York Times. Format: 8 by 6 inches, 356 pages. The type, Monotype Garamont, with photo-engraved plates, was printed on Ingres dArches mouldmade paper. Bound in tan goatskin spine and corners, cloth sides. Edition of 400 copies. 356 pages.
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