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If you build your Scala application through Test-Driven Development, you’ll quickly see the advantages of testing before you write production code. This hands-on book shows you how to create tests with ScalaTest and the Specs2—two of the best testing frameworks available—and how to run your tests in the Simple Build Tool (SBT) designed specifically for Scala projects.By building a sample digital jukebox application, you’ll discover how to isolate your tests from large subsystems and networks with mocking code, and how to use the ScalaCheck library for automated specification-based testing. If you’re familiar with Scala, Ruby, or Python, this book is for you.Get an overview of Test-Driven DevelopmentStart a simple project with SBT and create tests before you write codeDive into SBT’s basic commands, interactive mode, packaging, and historyUse ScalaTest both in the command line and with SBT, and learn how to incorporate JUnit and TestNGWork with the Specs2 framework, including Specification styles, matchers DSLs, and Data TablesUnderstand mocking by using Java frameworks EasyMock and Mockito, and the Scala-only framework ScalaMockAutomate testing by using ScalaCheck to generate fake data
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