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A wife is amazed at how easy it is to seduce Sheryl into a threesome, and the lovely eighteen year old is stunning as she sets about pleasing the husband with her mouth. That’s not all that will happen in this rough and reluctant mff threesome, though, because before it’s over, Sheryl will have her first anal sex experience and her first lesbian sex experience, at the hands of the wife with a double sided strap on dildo!Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a rough mff threesome sex encounter. It includes rough oral sex, first lesbian sex, reluctant sex, beach sex, deep throat, sex toys, first anal sex, and semen swallowing. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.Here is a preview:As I watched his shaft, every imperfection of it, the veins and curves and flesh that held such intimate familiarity for me disappear over and over into the young and eager mouth, I thought of the man I’d known for more of my life than I hadn’t. Were the teenage lips more sensual than mine, than the ones he’d felt that had seen three and a half decades? Was the little pink tongue that flicked over the top when she reached the top somehow better because of its youth? Was her throat warmer or tighter than one that had lived for twice as long, swallowed twice as many meals, and spent twice as many years speaking, shouting, singing, or humming? I walked behind her and ran my fingers over her skin, starting at her shoulders and running down to the small of her back and then over the curve of her ass. She moaned around Ken’s shaft, and I caught his eye. He smiled at me and I smiled back. I parted her legs and drew in my breath sharply. I hadn’t noticed when she undressed the tiny triangle of manicured hair. She’d dyed it the same purple color, and she looked in total like some kind of a fairy or an elf, a magical creature and not a mortal girl. I reached out a finger to touch her. Below that small patch, well below if she were standing, but above in her current position on her knees and bent over to give attention to Kenneth, she was perfectly smooth and the sensation was in itself alluring and thrilling.
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