FB2 Practical Unit Testing with JUnit and Mockito by Tomek Kaczanowski (Goodreads Author) book fb2 online

Book description
This book explains in detail how to implement unit tests using two very popular open source Java technologies: JUnit and Mockito. It presents a range of techniques necessary to write high quality unit tests - e.g. mocks, parametrized tests and matchers. It also discusses trade-offs related to the choices we have to make when dealing with some real-life code issues.The book stresses the importance of writing readable and maintainable unit tests, and puts a lot of stress on code quality. It shows how to achieve testable code and to eliminate common mistakes by following the Test Driven Development approach. Every topic discussed in the book is illustrated with code examples, and each chapter is accompanied by some exercises.
Practical Unit Testing with JUnit and Mockito by Tomek Kaczanowski (Goodreads Author) read without signing audio fb2 online

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