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The first Daredevil comic I ever read (and one of the first Marvel comics, period) was #297, the first chapter of this 4-part story. At the time, as a child of 11 or 12, with no sense of the backstory between Daredevil and the Kingpin, I really didnt get it, and I didnt become a Daredevil fan until I got to college and decided to become a lawyer. Since then, I have bought up just about every Daredevil collection that I can find, and I was thrilled last week to find this set of issues to finally finish a story that I started almost twenty years ago. And its really good, for what it is. Chichester is no Frank Miller, but he writes very good hardboiled narration and has a real love for the characters involved. He sets up this four-issue story to (theres a spoiler in the title) bring the Kingpin down in a huge way.True, sometimes it feels like in the last twenty years bringing the Kingpin down has become the new killing or reviving Jean Grey, but this particular version of the story has a depth to it because of the way it works as such a tight thematic sequel to the classic Born Again storyline. In that brilliant Frank Miller work, the Kingpin systematically took apart Matt Murdocks life, so in this story, Daredevil turns the tables and does the same to the Kingpin, removing key allies from the board and wearing down Wilson Fisks reputation, destroying buildings and bringing very public shame, and its beautiful. The story is emotionally complex, the art is straightforward, the guest stars are good fits for the story...A new Daredevil reader shouldnt read this collection before Born Again (and, really, a new reader should read how Bendis takes down the Kingpin if he or she only has time to read one Kingpin falls story), but for anyone with the characters history in mind, this story is gripping and satisfying, and Im so thankful that I found it.
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