CLICK Sommeliers Guide to Wine: A Primer for Selecting, Serving, and Savoring Wine by Brian H. Smith book djvu fb2 free buy

Book description
This updated and revised edition is the essential guide for aspiring wine connoisseurs who are seeking the knowledge and confidence of a C.I.A. wine professional. Written by a leading wine educator from the esteemed Culinary Institute of America, The Sommeliers Guide to Wine is an engaging, in-depth introduction to the often-intimidating world of wine. This fully updated guide provides a basic text for wine aficionados. Created in a handy size and format, it gives wine lovers the confidence and savvy to navigate the wine list in a restaurant or the aisles of the local wine store. Foodies, wine expert wannabes, wait staff, and wine lovers alike can learn how to present, serve, drink, and store wine just like a sommelier. The guidebook explains different wine styles, grape types, wine regions, and includes tips on how to properly pair wines with specific foods. Learn about all the new wine trends, too.Its the perfect introduction to the complex world of wines.
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