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“We are not here to talk about cooking, But to get ready for what’s gonna be cooking once we bring this outlaw hideout back to life…”Now this is a Lucky Luke adventure that has a strong resemblance with the 1965 Sid James & Jim Dale movie ‘Carry On Cowboy’. With a fine assortment of hilarious characters and incredibly funny situations ‘Dalton City’ - which was originally published in French in 1969 – sets the stage for a face-off between ‘Lucky Luke’, the coolest cowboy in town and his old enemies ‘The Dalton’ gang at ‘Fenton Town’, one of the most depraved towns in the old wild west.Yet another funny, fast paced comic book from Morris and Goscinny, the great legends of comic book world. Like the other titles in the series, the comic frame illustrations are superbly done and the choice of colors are well judged to match the dreamy vistas of the Wild West. The eye for detail that is implemented by Morris and Goscinny are excellent and can be seen from the way in which the storefronts, costumes, sign boards and other minute features are illustrated. Hilarious descriptions, generous dose of slapstick comedy and funny side-texts combined together with fantastic illustrations make this a lightweight comic book, which can be enjoyed in a breeze.
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