Web originals

I found these via this post on kottke and thought I'd gather the images in one place. Proof that great brands can have unlikely beginnings.

If you know any more, you can add them in the comments or tweet me @asburyandasbury

twitt(e)r.  (what up?)

Google! 1997!



Yahoo (no exclamation mark)

YouTube (thanks @fred_dela)

myspace (thanks @fred_dela)

Linkedin (thanks @fred_dela)

flickr (thanks @fred_dela)

First ever Google! Doodle! from 1998!

Amazon.com Books! (thanks @gray)

NB: Interesting that Amazon started out with a typical visual-pun-style logo and strapline, both of which were rapidly dropped.

BBC Networking Club 1994 (thanks @gray)

BBC website 1997 (thanks @gray)

Apple, 1997 (thanks @fred_dela)

hotmail (thanks @fred_dela)