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This is the second book in the Dragon Slayers Academy series by Kate McMullan. Our girls have been reading a few different dragon stories and so this series piqued their interest. One of the series weve been reading (the Dragon Keepers series by Kate Klimo) paints the dragon as the hero and the slayer in a bad light. But this story gives us more of a typical look at dragons and their slayers, although the story is riddled with tongue-in-cheek humor. This series offers an interesting take on the dragon/knight saga. The story centers around a school where children are taught to become dragon slayers, primarily for the purpose of enriching the schools headmaster with the slain dragons hoard. So far he hasnt been the beneficiary of any dragon gold, but I get the feeling that with 19 books in the series, he will keep sending his boys out, hoping to succeed at long last. Its a very entertaining story, with lots of subtle humor and word play within the narrative. I liked the theme of the mama dragon out to exact revenge for the death of her son. We figured out her weakness long before Wiglaf did, so we read the book with a smug satisfaction of knowing the outcome. Its a quick read and we really enjoyed reading it together. We will certainly look for more of the books in this series at our local library. We look forward to learning more about Wiglaf and his friends.
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