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Book description
This companion volume to Chosen of Azara contains nine tales of magic, family, ambition, honor, and love.The Brilliant Career of Sajur Golu: The rise of Sajur vo Udrun from petty officials son to High Priest of the Madrinan Empire.Coming Home: In a last, desperate effort to save her life, young Juzeva arrives at Source Azara.Turn the Heart: Torn between love and duty, Prince Idan must make a choice.Comfort Enough: Several years after his deal with Azara, Sevry comes to terms with one of the sacrifices demanded by his new life.Baby Steps: A widowed baron must find the courage to love again.Mothers, Daughters, and Dreamers: All Lillia wants is for her mother to pay attention to her instead of to her dreams of a long-lost land.The Man in the Woods: Lucies visions over the years of a mysterious man in the woods.What A Man Has to Do: Estefans future father-in-law assigns him an almost impossible task.Homecoming: Lillia struggles to come to terms with the truth of her mothers life.
The Brilliant Career of Sajur Golu and Other Tales of Azara by Kyra Halland (Goodreads Author) how read iBooks book acquire access

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