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They are the best of the best, the 100 players who have lifted baseball to its ultimate level. They are the legends of yesteryear and heroes of today. Their accomplishments, feats and memories have cut a wide swath through the American psyche. In the long-awaited revised edition of Baseballs 100 Greatest Players, SPORTING NEWS updates and revisits the rankings that touched off a storm of discussion in 1998. From Babe Ruth and Walter Johnson to Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, the players who have made the greatest impact on generations of fans will be assessed and accorded their special niche in a special publication. Ruth vs. Bonds. Johnson vs. Clemens. Ty Cobb vs. Tony Gwynn. Let the debate begin! How does todays new generation of stars stack up against the legends of the past? Can Randy Johnson, Derek Jeter, Sammy Sosa and Alex Rodriguez make the cut this time? Baseballs 100 Greatest Players features: Updated embossed cover Profiles and Stats for each of the 100 ranked players Statistics and breakdowns by position, primary teams and birthplaces A Top 100 Timeline that charts the career of each player. Top 10 player lists selected by Hall of Fame and other prominent baseball people All-Decade Teams from 1900s on Hundreds of memorable photographs
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