HOT Canucks at Forty: Our Game, Our Stories, Our Passion by Greg Douglas pocket touch review download kindle

Book description
An intimate look, with rare photos and exciting anecdotes, at the Vancouver Canucks first four colorful decadesFew hockey teams have fans as loyal as the Vancouver Canucks, an expansion team that made its debut in 1970. With unprecedented access to the teams photo archives and commentary from players and coaches, this one-of-a-kind commemorative album, authorized by the Canucks and licensed by the NHL, gives fans an intimate look at Vancouvers favorite sons.Written by two veteran sports writers with contributions from hockey insiders, this book documents much of the teams rich history, including magic moments from the past, star players and coaches, and the clubs biggest goals.Includes more than 250 full-color photos, some never before seenReveals the history of the franchise with a look at luminaries such as Roberto Luongo and Trevor Linden and great goal scorers from Stan Smyl to Markus NaslundOffering a candid and behind-the-scenes look at one of hockeys most popular franchises, Canucks at 40 is a treasured keepsake that devoted fans will love.
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