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Received the Shamus Award, The Eye (Lifetime achievment award) in 2006.He has also published under the name Patrick Culhane. He and his wife, Barbara Collins, have written several books together. Some of them are published under the name Barbara Allan.Book AwardsShamus Awards Best Novel winner (1984) : True DetectiveShamus Awards Best Novel winner (1992) : Stolen AwayShamus Awards Best Novel nominee (1995) : Carnal HoursShamus Awards Best Novel nominee (1997) : Damned in ParadiseShamus Awards Best Novel nominee (1999) : Flying Blind: A Novel about Amelia EarhartShamus Awards Best Novel nominee (2002) : Angel in BlackJapanese: マックス・アラン・コリンズ or マックス・アラン コリンズ
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