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Book description
With over a million users around the world, the Mathematica (R) software system created by Stephen Wolfram has defined the direction of technical computing for nearly a decade. With its major new document and computer language technology, the new version, Mathematica 3.0 takes the top-power capabilities of Mathematica and make them accessible to a vastly broader audience. This book presents this revolutionary new version of Mathematica. The Mathematica Book is a must-have purchase for anyone who wants to understand the revolutionary opportunities in science, technology, business and education made possible by Mathematica 3.0. This encompasses a broad audience of scientists and mathematicians; engineers; computer professionals; quantitative financial analysts; medical researchers; and students at high-school, college and graduate levels. Written by the creator of the system, The Mathematica Book includes both a tutorial introduction and complete reference information, and contains a comprehensive description of how to take advantage of Mathematicas ability to solve myriad technical computing problems and its powerful graphical and typesetting capabilities. Like previous editions, the book is sure to be found well-thumbed on the desks of many technical professionals and students around the world.
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