EPUB The V-Day Aversion (Dom and Kate #2) by Genevieve Dewey (Goodreads Author) format book no registration full version online

Book description
Dominic Valentini is a man with a plan. Katelyn Anderson is a woman with her own plan: avoid whatever Dominics got planned.Its two days from Valentines Day, and Katelyns sister Kandace wants Kate to help her catch her estranged husband cheating. Katelyns just fine with this as it gives her another excuse to avoid Dominic, whose only crime is being Practically Perfect in every way possible. Dominic just wants Katelyn to stand still long enough to give her a Valentines Day to remember. The only problem is, Katelyn hates Valentines Day.Join Dom & Kate, from The Bird Day Battalion, as they try and navigate the And then what? of a Happy Ever After.Its either Do, or do not. There is no try. Youre going to have to go all in and change her mind about it, or accept youve got the only woman on the face of the planet that doesnt want a date on Valentines. -- Kyle Anderson
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