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Book description
This book is part of Terry Dearys Horrible Histories series of books. This book, in particular, focuses on London. The book begins with a timeline of Ancient London; some legends, history and even things historians cannot agree on (did the Romans build London?). It covers a history of Middle Age London, the Terrible Tudors, Slimy Stuarts and a modern London timeline. More specifically, it covers the wars, executions, crimes, disease, plagues and riots in Londons colourful history. The book is aimed at ks2 children. It is written in a way that is fun and interesting. The language is descriptive and dramatic, for example; the use of alliterations throughout the text (Suffocating Schools, Londons Lousy jobs, Horrible Hooligans). There are also illustrations throughout. These are almost comic book style and add character to the timelines and stories within. Overall, I think it is a very entertaining and unique way of presenting historical facts. Additionally, its intermittent quizzes, examples and illustrations make it interactive for children.
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