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This factual account of German war crimes of World War II is a formidable indictment of Nazi brutality and of the monstrous organization that so terrorized occupied Europe and murdered at least 12 million civilians. Along with The Knights of Bushido: A Short History of Japanese War Crimes (1853674990) by the same author, it was a phenomenal best-seller when first published. Drawing on documentary evidence submitted to the Nuremberg trials and brilliantly written by an expert intimately connected to the prosecution of war criminals, this searing condemnation of the Third Reichs crimes is factual, objective, and unstinting in its efforts to expose the truth behind real or alleged atrocities. It examines Hitlers instruments of tyranny--SS, Gestapo, and Army--and repression, German crimes against prisoners of war, outrages committed on the high seas, crimes against civilian populations, the mass use of slave labor, the concentration camps; and the Final Solution of the Jewish question.
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