UPDATED The Longest Raid of the Civil War: Little-Known & Untold Stories of Morgans Raid Into Kentucky, Indiana & Ohio by Lester V. Horwitz phone find ebook djvu download

Book description
One of my cousins travelled the route of Morgans Raid with a friend after they had read this book. The format of this book is very helpful for anyone wanting to travel that route. I found the first 60 or so pages very difficult to read because I was reading a hardcover book that was not in large print, and my eyes are used to a larger font on my Kindle. The content was also difficult for me because there were so many people mentioned that I couldnt remember on which side each one was fighting. Then, too, I was not familiar with the military jargon so that contributed to my difficulty with the book. The book was printed on high quality paper, thicker than the pages of most books, and with the number of pages in this book, it was heavy to hold. [Again I have been spoiled by the light weight of my Kindle.] When one page fell out of the book, I became worried that more pages would follow suit. Others in my book discussion group mentioned that they also experienced pages falling out of their copies of this book. I appreciated the index and the photos of many of the major people mentioned in the book. And although mentioning the historical markers in the book certainly would be an asset to those trying to follow Morgans route, as a reader I would have preferred that the author insert a symbol to indicate that a marker exists at each place. The symbol could be described at the back of the book. I also would have appreciated having the major people mentioned in the book listed on two charts or in two columns, separating them by Union or Confederate side. Having mentioned what I didnt like or think could be improved, I must say that the author and his wife did a great job with the book. I especially liked learning more about other aspects of the Civil War besides the fighting. The author interviewed many people and did extensive research. Although I was not able to find any of my ancestors mentioned in the book, many people are mentioned with short anecdotes so this book would be a valuable genealogical tool for the descendants of those mentioned. It was good to have some humor in the book, too, and no dropping of the f-bomb. In fact, the author did avoid spelling out words that would offend some people so he gets extra points from me for that.
The Longest Raid of the Civil War: Little-Known & Untold Stories of Morgans Raid Into Kentucky, Indiana & Ohio by Lester V. Horwitz book mobile purchase find english

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