ONLINE ALIEN ROMANCE: Wanted the Alien Lord (Alien Invasion Abduction SciFi Romance) (Kahara Lords Book 2) by Lindsay Blanc free eReader touch how download reader

Book description
Wanted by the Alien Lord - Can be read as a Standalone book ***Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!*** ***Incredible Gift Inside: Romance Books Collection*** Life couldn’t get any worse for the accountant Valerie James. Not only has she just ousted a covert money-laundering operation in the law firm she worked for, but she is essentially without a job, buried in the edits for her book deal and wanted by a drug lord. As she hides out in a rat-infested warehouse “until further notice”, Valerie is absolutely miserable and completely bored. That is, until the bad guys find her. When her guards go down in a gun fight, Valerie is forced to fend for herself, but two men with two knives and two guns are too much for her to handle and just as she is about to meet her maker, someone more than human saves her… Valerie finds herself dragged down into an underwater lab by an insidiously good looking man who inexplicably shares her distinct features. The chemistry between the two of them is impossible to deny. But the longer she spends with him, the more she learns that she is connected to him in more ways than she thought… Warning: *This story contains mature themes and language. It is intended to be enjoyed by an 18+ audience only. *No cliffhangers here! Each book in the Kahara Lords universe has a HEA ending. Each new book introduces new characters. *Please be aware that this is a romance short. Shorter fiction is a fun and quick read, not a full-length novel. The length of the book may appear longer than it is due to the Bonus Books Collection.
ALIEN ROMANCE: Wanted the Alien Lord (Alien Invasion Abduction SciFi Romance) (Kahara Lords Book 2) by Lindsay Blanc torrent finder value tablet free

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