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Book description
Claire Garland has created a fantastical collection of five knitted dolls and their playtime companions, plus charming accessories to complete the fantasy. Each item is small and easy to make with added trims and some simple embroidered details--each a fairy tale in the making. Beautifully and imaginatively photographed in full color, this fabulously fun and original book appeals to knitters of all ages. Complete step-by-step instructions for each project, with full instructions on all the techniques needed are included. The projects have been designed with both girls and boys in mind, including: Fairy Dream: a fanciful flower fairy floats on her multi color cushion and plays with her magical unicorn. Enchanted Land: a princess with an enchanting wardrobe with her castle and a pony bedecked with jewels.Wild West Trail: a cowboy and his faithful steed Silver - with a 10-gallon hat and knitted saddle.Magical Waterworld: a dreamy mermaid frolics with her pet dolphin and fishy friend.The original and utterly charming toys in this book offer projects that will delight knitters-- both experienced and novice-- who are looking for creative small projects suitable for gift giving. All items are either knitted or crocheted, and are guaranteed to please any child -or child at heart -on a knitters gift list.
Dream Toys: A Collection of Knit and Crochet Fantastical Toys by Claire Garland portable francais eReader book italian

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