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I ran across this unexpectedly in the library in the back of my sons classroom, and read it out of curiosity. This is a seriously cool story. I want to buy it now! I love the wonderful equality and love between the two sisters, how well they support one another while still being radically different people.I love the way their mother, the Queen, is a minor character overall, yet a real human being who feels fear, makes mistakes, and yet refuses to let her children suffer for the deal she was forced into making with the evil goblins who want to steal her daughter.And most of all, I LOVE Tattergood. What a wonderful character! I love how she is her own person from the beginning, how fearless she is, how forthright she is, how brave and strong and fun! I was a little disappointed that she did end up marrying the Prince, but she handled it on her own terms, chose him for herself, and forced him to show he was worthy of her. Then she became the ruler of the kingdom she grew up in! Fabulous!Frankly, this would make an AWESOME Hayao Miyazaki film, would it not?
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