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Book description
Not a bad book at all. It had some good angsty moments that kept me interested, and I liked catching up with Jason from The Dukes Wager. The book doesnt really pick up until the middle though. I didnt even know who the other woman was going to be until then. I was surprised when I found out who it was. I didnt think the hero would have went there with all that he had been through. Honestly she was poor competition for Leonora in my opinion. The hero came off as a gullible idiot at times for not realizing that the other woman was a nut job and was making a fool of him. It didnt put him in a good light. There also wasnt enough interaction with the hero and heroine because he was always out squiring the stupid other woman all over the place and not spending quality time with the heroine. I was thinking about giving this book an above average rating until I found out why the other woman wanted the hero so badly. Her reasons were a let down. I was also annoyed that she got off scot free after duping everyone. All in all this was an entertaining read, but nowhere near as good as The Dukes Wager.
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