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Africa and Africans keeps a watchful eye on what has happened in Africa and on what has happened in the rest of the world that shapes how people look at Africa. The worlds perception of Africa is an entanglement of myth and reality--both reflecting and changing with the times. This highly informative yet concise volume, written by two authors intimately familiar with Africa, presents the facts about African society--past and present. Readers wishing to explore Africas historical events and rich traditions will discover that Africans want to keep what they value in their old way of life as they find themselves in an emerging global culture. Titles of related interest from Waveland Press: Curtin, Africa Remembered: Narratives by West Africans from the Era of the Slave Trade (ISBN 9780881339482); Holloway, Monique and the Mango Rains: Two Years with a Midwife in Mali (ISBN 9781577664352); July, A History of the African People, Fifth Edition (ISBN 9780881339802); and Middleton, African Merchants of the Indian Ocean: Swahili of the East African Coast (ISBN 9781577663140).
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