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I loved all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, in particular Little House in the Big Woods, Little Town on the Prairie and These Happy Golden Years. They are books I can read and savor over and over again. But I just need to give a shout out to my absolute favorite Laura Ingalls Wilder book, and that is Farmer Boy--to me, Farmer Boy is the under-appreciated middle child of the Laura Ingalls collection. People forget about it just because it doesnt start with Little or end with Prairie. It is about Almanzo, who Laura eventually marries. There are several reasons why I love this book more than the others:1) Almanzo and his family are loaded. Well, compared to Laura they are. They run a much bigger farm than she does and the father is something of a gentleman farmer, not like the wild Charles who is all over the place and doesnt know what hes doing (lets be honest a lot of the books are based around the fact that Charles is a moron--first they leave the big woods, where the rest of their family is. Then theyre stuck somewhere on the friggin prairie and have to ford the friggin river and almost lose Jack. Then theyre living in some kind of underground burrow. Then theyre starving through the winter because Charles is an idiot who cant provide for his family. This never happens to Almanzos dad.)2) They take you through the whole farming season, from trashing the hay to cutting up the ice, to gathering potatoes in great, great detail. Its really a pleasure to read. Its also a big farm, like I mentioned so theyre more commercial than the Ingalls farm. You get to see the process of how, for example, they sell their butter, which is pretty cool.3) THE FOOD. Ive never come across another book that is as lushly descriptive as this one in terms of food. I thought Harry Potter might do it at some point but it proved to disappoint in that respect. Being loaded + working from 5 AM in the fields before the days the dangers of saturated fats or Atkins were known = glorious food descriptions. I cant even begin to recount them but I urge that you check this book out for yourself. Id also make sure to check it out with the original illustrations
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