HOT QE2: The Cunard Line Flagship, Queen Elizabeth II: The Cunard Line Flagship, <i>Queen Elizabeth II</i> by Ronald W. Warwick book mobi online

Book description
This new edition of the most thorough book on the legendary Queen Elizabeth II includes the refit of the mid-1990s and many new photographs of interiors and details. Captain Ronald Warwick begins with the colorful history of the Cunard Line. He continues with the construction and launching of QE2 and provides an engrossing narrative of the ships colorful history, including her service in the Falklands war, her various mishaps, the recent sale of Cunard to Carnival, and the new owners plans for the future.The final chapter of the book is a deck-by-deck guide with photographs of all of the ships public areas as well as those not seen by passengers: the engine room, kitchens, and areas limited to officers and crew.
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