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Flood control is a surprisingly interesting topic (really!), all the trees in your city are probably doomed to an early death due to poor planning, many interesting things can be done with sewage sludge, and in DC the National Park Service runs a research program on lawn care that sounds totally charming. Or at least they did in 1982. Also, probably nobody should ever have a lawn. Maybe a little bit more detail on city air pollution and pigeon control than strictly necessary for your average bear. Bonuses: ca. 1984 comments on the untapped potential of these wonderful new Computers, and an epilogue describing the imagined Infernal City whose citizens did not follow the prescriptions of this book, which makes one feel lucky not to be living among roving bands of criminals in a deserted postapocalyptic city with no air conditioning.
The Granite Garden: Urban Nature And Human Design by Anne Whiston Spirn (Goodreads Author) pocket read italian tablet cheap

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