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Book description
This is Book 1 in the new Level 3 nine-book set of Readers Clubhouse elementary readers. They are designed for both classroom use and home schooling in grades 1 and 2. Level 3 books are primarily intended for reading instruction following students completion of Levels 1 and 2 readers in grades K and 1. Readers Clubhouse titles on all levels emphasize the phonics method of teaching. Each Level 3 book focuses on just a few vowel sounds. Six of the Level 3 readers fall into the fiction category, and feature attractive color illustrations supplementing a wide range of story themes. Each title also suggests an activity related to the books subject matter that is appropriate to the childs grade level. Nonfiction titles are photo illustrated in color. In addition to their main text for reading instruction, they present Fun Facts sidebars that will enrich childrens reading experiences with interesting items of information. The nonfiction readers contain the basic elements of an adults nonfiction book, including glossary and index. They also list two books and one web site where teachers, parents, and kids can find more information about each books subject. All books present a letter addressed to parents and teachers which explains the fundamental phonics concepts that underlie the Readers Clubhouse series. Book 1 teaches the ai, ay, and ar sounds.
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