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Book description
The average debt hanging around the necks of Canadian graduates is $27,000. So when they don their cap and gown and look forward to the future, what they are actually looking at is decades of payments. Yet only 35% of eligible kids receive the Canada Education Savings Grant—up to $7,200 that the government wants to GIVE parents as a reward for saving for school.So why don’t more parents use RESPs?They don’t understand how they workThey say they can’t come up with the moneyThey don’t know about the grant – the free moneyThey aren’t convinced their kids will need their helpThe language and rules just seem too complicated.Saving for School will explain the ins and outs in Gail’s trademark clear, straight-forward style. It takes parents and future students through putting money into a plan, and taking it out in the most tax-effective way, makes following the rules and regulations simple, and shows you how to set your plan up to work for YOU (as opposed to making it easy on your financial institution).Beyond RESPs, Gail offers a full plan for minimizing your student debt, guiding you through how much student loan you should take on, and offer general tips and strategies for saving and for following a budget at school. With Gail by your side, there’s no excuse not to start Saving for School.
Saving For School: Understand RESPs, Take Control of Your Savings, Minimize Student Debt by Gail Vaz-Oxlade get without registering value download find

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