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Its a conservatives nightmare!A single woman (GASP! Of course she MUST be a witch!), wanders into the village, redistributes the wealth, and then takes up residence, all Occupy Wall Street-like, right in the middle of the main street. The witch proclaims it her duty to stir the kettle and move things around a bit, and she proceeds to do just that. Neither the towns wealthiest citizens nor its religious leaders can budge her from her post. With the rest of the townsfolk in a tizzy, one young boy decides to help the witch out with food, drink, and ultimately, protection from a pack of local bullies.And, like in the best fairy tales, he is richly rewarded for his efforts, not with money, but with something even more valuable. This delightful story had a wonderfully old-fashioned feel to it, almost as if L.M. Montgomery had decided to write a magical fable. It is an utterly charming yarn for all ages.
The Witch Who Made Adjustments by Vera Nazarian (Goodreads Author) find audio pc bookstore book

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