What is Now app?

Now is a free iPhone app that lets you see what is hot and happening in your city based on crowd sourced photos. It's a public platform where users can stand as city journalists and share their best experiences happening in their city and see how popular they are.

What should I do this Saturday afternoon?

Open Now app and explore the best flea markets, concerts, food experiences, parties, outdoor movie spots... where others are having a good time.

What's different about Now app?

Now gathers the city's best experiences in the most objective manner: Where people are right now and show their enthusiasm through photo sharing. Think of it has a free live city guide: most discovery apps focus on venues and show old and out-dated tips. Now shows you places through the experiences happening there.

Ben Broca is from Paris and moved to New York 4 years ago to study engineering at Columbia University. He loves exploring his city and wanted to create the perfect tool to find out about the best spots. 

When was the app launched?

The app was launched in May 2012 with 4 cities (New York, San Francisco, Paris and London). Los Angeles was added in July 2012. In November, we opened the platform to the World.

Get in touch

Email us at hello@getnowapp.com. We'll answer promptly!