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Possessed by Desire Years ago, a handsome stranger rescued Sherrie Hamilton from a harem and enticed her into becoming his lover before returning her safely home. Now Sherrie is a respectable young widow and mother, chaperoning her young charges through fashionable London society-- until she comes face to face with her erotic dream. For there, accross a crowded ballroom, stands the one man who touched the very core of her sensuality, stirring old memories, and a new unbidden desire.Obsessed by LoveJack PenMartyn, Earl of PenMartyn, seeks to put his past behind him, yet hes obsessed by the one womanwhose pure innocence he stole; the woman who is the mother of the child he never knew he had. He knows that with one false word, Sherrie will expose the secrets of his past. But does he dare to hope that she will give in to the tempation of their recklesspassion for a future together?
The Price of Innocence by Susan Sizemore (Goodreads Author) download book value online kindle

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