Alpine Home Air

Culture & Values

summary: Respect & results

here's how we work and make decisions

      1. We Choose to Have Everyone Win – Customers, employees, the company, and business partners. We seek to find sustainable equilibrium in our dealings to over time reasonably satisfy the needs of all.

      2. We Are Good People - We treat each other with friendliness, professionalism and respect. We are low-ego, authentic and have personal integrity. We respect everyone's right to be comfortable regarding their unique personal beliefs. We treat everyone equally regardless of their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

      3. We are Visionaries – We work to be the best in the world at the business we are in by creating value that doesn’t yet exist.

      4. We are Innovative – We seek clever, faster, better solutions to constantly improve upon what we do. We know that doing things in conventional ways produces only average results.

      5. We are Ambitious We take the initiative with both problems and opportunities. Where others give up, we are resourceful and find solutions . We don't let obstacles stop us; there are no obstacles for the creative.

      6. We Get it Done - We work with above-average orderliness and discipline to get a lot of quality work done. We know effort doesn’t count, only results do. Where others quit, we try again and find a solution. We "do it now".

      7. We Change Fast - We believe in trying out good ideas quickly; if they don't work ideally, that’s okay, we learn from them and try something else. Ready-fire-steer beats ready-aim-fire. The more frequently we change, the faster we achieve success.

      8. We Resolve Conflict - We assume our co-workers intentions are good and we give them the benefit of the doubt. When we see problems, we focus on solutions. We are honest with each other. Sometimes we say what’s on our minds, even if that's hard to do that.
      9. We Grow and Learn - We seek to grow through continuous education. We are curious and have a strong desire to learn and try new things. We make learning a habit.
      10. We Create a Positive, Optimistic Results-Oriented Work Environment - We each do our part to make the workplace upbeat and empowering.