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Secret Service Agent Elizabeth Caine was standing next to President Joseph Sullivan when an assassin opened fire. In the aftermath, Elizabeth was left in a coma, and the President and his wife were both dead. When Elizabeth wakes ten months later, she resigns her position and withdraws to a rustic cabin in the woods. Its there that her mentor Theodore Hudson finds her a year later with a proposition. Hes started a private security firm and an old friend asked him for the best bodyguard he could think of. Only one name came to mind, and Theo asks her to at least hear them out.Elizabeth travels to Squires Isle to meet with the clients, Everett and Michelle Drake. Mr. Drake is the current CEO of a lumber company, and hes concerned for his daughter Kelly. There have been a handful of kidnapping attempts, and he wants them stopped. Elizabeth listens, as she agreed, but a plea from the girls mother convinces Elizabeth to take the job.Elizabeth enlists some old friends to protect Kelly: Zoe Forrest, a former cop turned private eye, and Wade Ottis, a weapons supplier and conspiracy theorist.During the course of her assignment, Elizabeth digs deeper into the official story of the Presidents assassination and uncovers evidence that all might not be as it seems, and the shooting isnt quite as cut and dried as it first appeared. She decides to join Theos company on a case-by-case basis so she can continue to dig into the conspiracy, quickly discovering that she may not be able to trust even her closest friends.
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