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Book description
Rosie can’t believe her good luck. Her grandmother, Glory, needs a last-minute roommate for a cruise to the Caribbean. Glory doesn’t really need a companion–she’s eager for Rosie to meet her friend’s grandson, Neil, a brainy guy full of facts about baseball. Once Rosie is aboard the ship, though, someone else catches her eye–a boy her own age, who introduces himself as Ricky Diago. But after the ship sails, Rosie only sees Ricky’s uncle, Mr. Diago. What’s even stranger is that Neil could swear that Mr. Diago is actually a famous Cuban baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds. Then after a day’s excursion, Rosie is approached by another boy who claims he’s Ricky Diago. She’s certain he’s not the person she met before. Suddenly Rosie finds herself caught in a high-stakes adventure of international intrigue with life-or-death consequences. Who is the real Ricky Diago? And how far is Rosie willing to go to help him?From the Paperback edition.
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