Where to read Explorers Guide 50 Hikes in Eastern Pennysylvania: From the Mason-Dixon Line to the Poconos and North Mountain by Tom Thwaites download page djvu audio wiki

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Despite its dense population and proximity to eastern urban centers, eastern Pennsylvania offers a wealth of hiking opportunities. North Mountain is still wild and remote; the Poconos still shelter the most secure portion of the states bear population; and the Appalachian Trail follows South and Blue Mountains on its journey across the state. Saint Anthonys Wilderness, just 20 kilometers north of Harrisburg, is the second largest wild area in the state. And the region also boasts state parks and game lands, a national recreation area, and two national historic parks. All are represented in the hikes in this completely revised and updated fourth edition. The hikes range from 4 to 22 miles in length, and an overview chart makes it easy to choose a hike for every ability. Each hike description includes mile-by-mile directions, a topographic map, information on hiking time, mileage, and rise, and knowledgeable commentary on the human and natural history youll encounter along the way.
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