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Another fun tween summer read. A nice little mystery full of small town charm and eccentricities, with plenty of moxie and spunk. Downeaster style. Respectably impressive for a debut. The dialogue was fresh and fun. Specifically regarding Quinnie. She was a hoot! Thirteen going on thirty. Great story premise and set-up. Mostly believable action and carry through. The climatic resolve was full of punch! Kudos for that!! Characters were quirky enough to be unique and appealing, but not so over the top that they came across as cartoonishly lameo. Moreover, The Maypop Kidnapping is downright lobster luscious, moxie mugging, oodles of fun, entertaining.The only three factors that gave me pause, debating between three and four stars, are: major editing glitches; questionable parental astuteness in an across-the-board, evenhanded way; the crime-and-punishment resolve was way too nicey-nice dubious and unrealistic. But hey, like I said, it was oodles of entertaining fun. Fresh voice and great dialogue. Plus, the pros outweigh the cons. Besides - I really enjoyed the heck out of it! Therefore..... FOUR **** Moxie Mystery, Tween Time Entertaining **** STARS
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