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The world of Isaac Asimovs Lucky Starr is a young science geeks wildest dream come true. Imagine: a thousand years from now, the solar systems secret agents and protectors of the weak are...scientists! —Who dont mind showing off what they know!Dr. Asimov often lamented the pernicious and ever-growing current of anti-intellectualism in American society. Was his series of young-adult Lucky Starr novels merely the public expression of an escapist fantasy universe, or did he intend to win young, intelligent minds to scientific inquiry by showing just how cool science could be?Flush with victory against a criminal cabal on Mars, Lucky Starr next takes on the ruthless pirates of the asteroid belt, with nearly fatal consequences. To me, this story is by far the weakest of the Lucky Starr series. The hero takes too many unnecessary, not to mention stupid, risks, and worms his way out of deadly situations too implausibly. These flaws are mitigated, however, by the harrowing dash across the Solar System—almost through the Sun!—at the end.
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