In its second edition, the BOZAR ELECTRONIC ARTS FESTIVAL (BEAF) presents three days and nights devoted to electronic culture. Whether in music, audio-visual installations, performances, or workshops, the festival aims to introduce visitors to the artists who are making things happen in these disciplines today.


Modeselektor+Apparat chose Bozar to present their second album !

*LAST MINUTE* : We regret to announce that Sascha of Apparat – and one third of Moderat – was involved in a motorcycle accident last Saturday. He suffered a complicated multiple leg fracture but is luckily doing well. The BOZAR team wishes Sascha a speedy recovery.As a result, Moderat has had to postpone all tour dates until January 2014. BOZAR ELECTRONIC ARTS FESTIVAL has luckily found a worthy replacement in Modeselektor LIVE (Saturday 28 September). We hope to see you there!


Exclusive audiovisual grand piano show
in the amazing Henry Leboeuf room


After the MUTEK premiere, two of techno’s most esteemed pioneers present their new project BORDERLAND !


Karl O'Connor, the UK techno legend
teaming up with Silent Servant for an exceptional live show

and also...
Clash of the Titans

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Two years ago, Modeselektor was literaly blasting the Horta Hall away during the final night of the festival, an amazing memory for every lucky soul who was there. In 2013 they are back at Bozar with their fellow Berliner APPARAT. They will present the highly anticipated second MODERAT album with an audiovisual show by PFADFINDEREI during an exclusive belgian release.
JON HOPKINS exclusive audiovisual grand piano performance confirmed in the prestigious Henry Leboeuf Hall ! His new album Immunity released on DOMINO was recently nominated "best new music" by PITCHFORK : "a remarkably visceral, sensual, confident electronic record that stays absorbing from beginning to end, and should finally catapult Hopkins to stardom in his own story."
According to MUTEK where they premiered their new collaborative project BORDERLAND in May, the "two of techno’s most esteemed pioneers, JUAN ATKINS and MORITZ VON OSWALD occupy important positions along the Detroit/Berlin axis, each laying the blueprint for their respective city’s sound. Juan Atkins was among those inventing techno in the ‘80s – with his futuristic work under the Model 500 and Cybotron monikers, and as one third of the Motor City’s mythical Belleville Three (with Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May). Moritz von Oswald shaped the sound of ‘90s Berlin with his penchant for minimalism and ephemeral rhythms."
Karl O'Connor is most certainly REGIS and it is also highly probable that he propagates other pseudonyms. This has only added to the greater mythology surrounding the influential Downwards label that he has run with fellow art terrorist Peter Sutton (Female) since 1993. Unconventional and single-minded to say the least (what label can boast a back catalogue free of the industry standard cash cow remix ) by decentralising the focus on the dj/producer personality, he remains one of the more highly regarded creative forces within the British techno/electronic scene. Degenerate art indeed.
Vatican Shadow is the 'Militant Religious Industrial' outfit from multi-media artist Dominick Fernow. In 1997 Fernow founded the Hospital Productions label which manifested itself as an infamous brick and mortar store, engineering studio and packaging workshop in Manhattan's East Village. Currently residing in the Los Angeles desert, he has set up Bed Of Nails Compound,a new imprint for industrial techno and electronic environments. Vatican Shadow's melodic loops and militant rhythms conspire upon the world stage of conflicts, where it isnt clear what side you are on or who is winning.
The Cut Hands project itself was founded by William Bennett initally to experiment further with his obscure collection of Ghanaian percussion instruments in free-form work-outs alongside other types of (genuine) sound experimenting. The project name is derived from the song Cut Hands Has The Solution. The fruit of 8 years of recordings finally culminated in 2011's critically acclaimed and best-selling release Afro Noise I – the new Black Mamba album followed on from the eponymous 12" single released by Blackest Ever Black summer 2012.
Silent Servant is a producer responsible for some of the most eclectic and innovative techno to have emerged in recent years. Part of an exhilarant creative resurgence in the genre, he is also the newest talent in the Sandwell District line-up. Along with Regis and Female, of the legendary English Downwards imprint, and NYC underground legend Function, Silent Servant has not only founded a new, contemporary sound, but also the support needed for the basis of a highly conceptual and uncompromising new label rooted in experimentalism and a semi-industrial aesthetic.
Bill Kouligas, operating from Berlin and known as the boss of the leading electronics label PAN is also a great dub fanatic and played dub-dj sets worldwide in many clubs. Be sure to check the Dub mix he recently made ​​for The Boiler Room . In the line-up"Dub be good to me: Celebrating 45 years of dub with AB"
The duo Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit. We of course know Friedman via Flanger and his collaborations with David Sylvian. Liebezeit is a founding member of the legendary German krautrock pioneers CAN. Under 'Friedman & Liebezeit' they have just released their 5th album in the series Secret Rhythms. A mix of circular rhythms and subtle electronics, a large creative and artistic level.In the line-up"Dub be good to me: Celebrating 45 years of dub with AB"
Terror Danjah vs. Champion : CLASH OF THE TITANS (uk / Hyperdub).
Hyperdub is the brainchild of Kode9 and Burial and the vivid proof of the lively topicality of dub. Terror Danjah (a london underground grime icon) joins forces with funky pioneer Champion. Diplo, Four Tet, Skream & Benga are fans ! In the line-up"Dub be good to me: Celebrating 45 years of dub with AB"
Deabeat : After several releases on labels like Scape and Wagon Repair, Canadian artist (Scott Monteith to his friends) started his own label Blkrtz in 2010 (indeed, named after Lee Scrach Perry's famed Black Ark studio). Think of his music as soaked dark dub reggae beats, digital dancehall and ambient dubstep which will bring you to new heights in this floating trip for brain and legs. In the line-up"Dub be good to me: Celebrating 45 years of dub with AB"
Lee Gamble started out as a teenager dj-ing on pirate radio and on the emerging Jungle scene. However, his own approach to music has taken a more experimental direction. Lee has released his computer compositions on the Entr'acte label and has collaborated with composer John Wall and artists Yutaka Makino and Bryan Lewis Saunders. In 2012 he released two albums on PAN, 'Diversions 1994-1996' & 'Dutch Tvashar Plumes'. Special PAN SHOWCASE
Helm is Luke Younger - a sound artist and experimental musician based in London, working with a vast array of revolving instrumentation and abstract sound sources. Younger's compositions build a dense aural landscape which touches on aspects of musique concrete, uncomfortable sound poetry, industrial, and hallucinatory drones.To this date, he has produced three full length albums; for his third album, 2012's Impossible Symmetry, Younger made the move to the PAN label which is where he currently calls home. Special PAN SHOWCASE
Emptyset is a Bristol based production project formed in 2005 by James Ginzburg, director of the Multiverse studios and network of labels and the curator and electronic artist Paul Purgas. The project explores the legacy of analogue media, integrating aspects of rhythm, signal processing and spatial recording within the framework of minimalist composition. Their work interrogates the perceptual boundaries between noise and music and the potential for both technology and architecture to embed and codify themselves within sound.
"Real name Martin Jenkins, Pye Corner Audio has impressed with his trio of Black Mill Tapes digital albums; the first two instalments were collected for a vinyl release on Type in 2012. He deals primarily in an eerie, eldritch strain of electronic music that aligns him firmly with such seasoned hauntologists as Mordant Music, Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle, but there’s also a tough rhythmic edge to Jenkins’ material that triggers associations with cold wave synth-pop, early 80s horror soundtracks and even squelchy, Legowelt-style Chicago house pastiche." FACT
Kreng (Miasmah Records) started as a strictly sample-based project, working with sounds from various sources: free-jazz, first generation electronics, improv, classical modernism, vintage ethnomusical fieldrecordings, etc... The project mutated into a cinematic, theatrical device that has been used by various film and theater directors. Kreng scored more that 20 theatre- & danceproductions, most of them produced by the Belgian theatre-company Abattoir Fermé.
Phil Maggi is an electroacoustic musician, a vocalist and an independent film maker from Belgium. Known as the lead singer of heavy-rock combo Ultraphallus, Phil Maggi develops an extensive body of work as a solo musician for several years. Creating haunted soundscapes influenced by traditional eastern-european folklore and modern avant-garde music, Maggi's mesmerizing sonic journeys are based on sources such as field recordings, voices, tapes manipulation, analog synthesizers and radio waves. Phil Maggi has released albums on Idiosyncratics, Hyperblasting recordings, Conspiracy Records and Riot Season. Maggi collaborates on audiovisual performances with video artist Tom Van Lippevelde.

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26-27-28/2013 @ BOZAR, BRUSSELS
26-27-28/2013 @ BOZAR, BRUSSELS
23 rue Ravensteinstraat | 1000 Bruxelles | Brussel | Brussels | +32 (0)2 507 82 00


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